Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Hey Y'all!
Oh my goodness I am glad to be back!! I missed you guys... and my own bed and my poor kitty and the city!!! We are home and it feels good!
We headed up to my sister Darci's house early Thursday afternoon to meet our new (and only for the time being) niece Meika Madilynn! Who became part of our family on Wednesday. As Her auntie let me tell you she is just Precious!!!! She is so easy going for her mama and daddy *and her big brother Braxten*!
We also spent some time with my dear friend K who I have typed to you all here about. I love her dearly and I want you all to pray for them in the coming months. October 23rd is their sweet little boy's 1st birthday and it will be 1 year since they said goodbye to him. Let me tell you he was beautiful! I just ask that you all pray for comfort and peace as the date gets closer and pray that they find a fitting way to honor him. Also be on your knees for them as they are going to be trying again soon, just pray for peace and that God would bless them.
I also would like if you would pray for us as our house closing is coming up in a few weeks and we will know more about that some time tomorrow and once I know I will pass it on to you all to be praying for a smooth move!
Well we had a fun fulled weekend with new babies, family dinners, football, high school band, friends,and now we are home and I will close this post with pictures of our weekend getaway!




My nephew Braxten *Mieka's big brother*

My mom and Adlie at the football game!
My sister Danielle *the one with the blue trumpet) playing at half time!
My Nephew Maddux *this child moves so much a blurry picture is a good picture of him lol*
Danielle and Adlie...
My Brother-in-law and Adlie
Adlie wearing Maddux's shoes!

Well Y'all I sure missed you and I am glad to be back!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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