Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know I know I am a bad bad blogger! I have promised a update for over a week and I have been so busy with bows ( I'll talk about that in a minute) Dr and Adlie that I am up way to late at night to even get a few seconds to post. But I am taking a break from bows for a few hours ha and give you guys a good full update.

Adlie update!
Adlie is now 21 (almost 22 months old!)months old! She is so busy and smart and funny and so many other things I wish I could bottle her up and keep her like this forever! She is trying hard to potty train herself (I am kind of dragging my feet on this with the new baby comming) She is talking so much.She has started eating alot better. She is in size 4 diapers (which if she dosn't have pants on she takes off!) She is in between size 12 month and 18 month in clothes though she can fit in some 24 month stuff. She wears size 5 shoes (this girl LOVES shoes! and can 90% of the time put them on herself on the right feet!) She is really starting to get some hair and always asks for a pony and a bow (which makes me VERY VERY happy!) She still wakes up at least once a night. I am not sure how tall or how much she weighs (she goes back in December). I think she is going to be a great big sister she likes to pat my belly or sit against it and feel Alastor move and she loves to give my belly kisses. I am going to try to attach a video of her saying family names to this post. oh she is a doll!
Adlie wearing my reading glasses...

Adlie in Alastors new carseat... ( in her new hello kitty slippers this girl is on a big hello kitty kick right now)
Adlie with my nannie (her great grandma on my mom's side) before they headed to FL for the winter.

Alastor update!
Here is my belly at 28 weeks...

Well I am now almost 29 weeks! This pregnancy I have to this point gained 6 lbs (not bad really) Alastor is doing great his heart rate is in the 140's. He is ALWAYS moving. Which I love. One of my favorite things about being pregnant with Adlie and him has been just laying in the almost dark bedroom at night and watching them roll and kick all over the place. I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy because this is the last one for us. I went for my 1 hour glucose test and failed (had this test done last Wednesday and my arm is still bruised from the blood draw!) so Tuesday I went for my 3 hour test and thankfully I passed that. ( I had Gestational Diabeties with Adlie) My next check up is Wednesday. I have been measuring about a week and a half bigger for a while which the dr thinks is because of extra amniotic fluid (I also had this with Adlie) I have started to talk to the dr a little about induction just for the sake of having my mom here to be able to 1. watch Adlie durring labor and delivery and 2. because she missed Adlie's birth. My dr said he would induce me at 39 weeks (which is Christmas Eve... so he may let me go a few days earlier) Matt thinks Alastor is going to have other plans all together and come on December 16th which is fine with us as long as he is ready to come out. I do wake up in the morning having some Braxton hicks contractions but nothing bad.

Business update!

As you know I make bows. Well I decided I would see what I could do with that and I ended up deciding that wholesaleing them is the way to go. So I make hundreds of bows/clips for other people to sell at craft shows. I am doing pretty well some days I wish I had 4 more arms and 3 more hours a day to get things done but for us the bit I do is all extra money which has been nice because we are able to buy Adlie just about anything she wants and get lots of things for Alastor. I have it set so I take a break in a few weeks then I will go back to it until Alastor comes and once he comes I will take another break (but I will be working on stocking my more popular items so I can just ship as they are ordered). Right now I am enjoying the work and being busy and we will see how things go from here.

well this is LONG and wordie.... so I am going to Add some new pictures and leave it at that. I will try to update more often.

here is that video of Adlie talking.