Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snapshots in your mind

A few months ago Angie Smith posted on her blog ( about taking mental snapshots of daily life. At that time I didn't quite get what she meant but now I do. Everyday I think about that concept and with Adlie getting bigger and doing new things everyday this has become something I often do.
What it is most of the time Adlie smiles or laughs or makes a face and I look at her sweet face and think to myself I want to remember this moment forever and you think *click* then I can close my eyes and see that "snapshot" in my mind.

Adlie is our gift from God and everyday I am so glad we have her (yes even when she is teething!). She has made us the family we have wanted to be for a long time and I have not felt this happy in a very very long time! * Thank you God for that beautiful little girl*

That is good stuff for sure.

On a different note we are putting a bid on another house Tonight and will know Monday if we got the house.

Also I have to rave about a few great Steals I got this last week! I got 2 swimsuits and a pair of shorts for $15!!!! (Old Navy of course!) I also went to Kohl's and got 2 sweet little outfits for Adlie for Florida for under $10 with tax!(one of the outfits happened to be a 3 piece hat dress and bloomers and the other was a two piece a romper and bib!!)* the 3 piece outfit is in Florida now so you will have to wait to see it when i get down there and get her in it but trust me it is to cute for words and for $4.80!*
here is one of my $4.00 steals! *it came with a bib too!

Friday at 3am we are off to the Airport to make our way to Florida! *I have never flown and omg I'm trying it for the first time with a baby(not only a baby but one who will not drink form a bottle or take a pacifier!)* We will be in Florida for a week and I am still on the fence as to weather or not to take my lappy with me * I don't know if i will even have Internet access there* But if I do I will post pictures as often as I can and if I don't be prepared for a big old post full of pictures!

My Mama may be coming Monday! I am excited I miss her and I am hoping I can talk her in to staying over night! So we are on Grammy watch in hopes we see Grammy in a few days! (if not it will be once we get home form Florida)

Also the week after we get home from Florida Adlie has another shot and then we are going up to the Niles family reunion! I am looking forward to seeing my family and having some of them meet Adlie for the first time! Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jodi!*yep that is a shout out there Jodi!I cant wait to FINALLY MEET YOU!!!*

OK well that is a pretty long random post there but Its life here in The Merritt house *Apartment*!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adlie's Birth Story...

Well now that Adlie is 6 months old I thought I would go ahead and share the day she graced us with her sweet little self!
This is my belly in December 26Th!!

The day is December 26th and I was up all night(not in labor but spending time with my sister in law)I had a non-stress test in the morning that we were heading to then coming home showering and taking our tree down then when Matt came home Katy him and I were off to spend our Christmas money! Well That was the plan at least! It was a rainy stormy (which is weird because we live in INDIANA!!!)day. We got to the Dr's office and in to the NST room and I got strapped in and Adlie was just not reacting like she normally did and it made our Tech worry enough to get my Dr and they decided I needed to have a Biophysical Ultrasound to make sure Adlie was OK. She was in fact sleeping soundly while sucking on the back of her hand. Then they had my Dr check me and she decided from the NST (Adlie had a lower than normal heart rate) The Biophysical Ultrasound (she got all the markers but the one big movement the tech needed) and after being checked by my Dr that was going to be the day to have our baby! I was excited and nervous ( i was so freaked out about her heart rate being low ) They sent us home told us to make our phone calls and get our stuff have a light lunch and come in to the hospital and they would start the induction.So we made our calls to those who needed to come and off to the house to finish packing ,lunch and then to the hospital! I was so anxious but so hungry so we went to Panera and of course had Broccoli and cheese soup!(I wish they tell you to eat a lot because you aren't able to eat again until after the baby comes!) After lunch it started poring and we were off to the hospital once there(about 12:30pm) I was given cervidel (in pill form) and had all my iv's started. They also hooked me up to the heart and contraction monitors. My nurse came in and asked later why I was being induced and I told her it was because her heart rate was low and she was not moving like they wanted her to ( she had in that time woken up and was back to her old self again we think she was just really ready to meet her mommy and daddy!) They kept checking on me and let things just go as they needed. Later in the evening they decided to start my pitocen drip. Matt and Katy left to go get themselves some dinner and my mom and Fred and Danielle were on their way down . I was at the time reading the last Twilight book and was updating myspace and facebook often. Once Matt and Katy got back they played the Wii and i talked on the phone to some friends. My mom and family arrived and we waited some more. at around 2am i rolled over then Adlie kicked me hard and I heard a pop and my water had broken (waking everyone in the quiet room!) Danielle was laying on the floor sat up and asked if everything was OK because she herd my water break. I got up out of bed to let the nurse change the sheets and let me change my gown and I started shaking (I was not prepared to shake so much) Once back in bed the contractions were much harder but I was NOT going to have an epidural! At around 4am the nurse checked me and i was around 5 1/2 and I decided I would like some newbane which helped me sleep for a while (around that time my Mom and family had to leave because my mom had to work that morning. I was checked about every hour from about 6am making slow progress but progress none the less. ( Adlie was taking her time if you cant tell!) At around 10:45 I called the nurse to let her know I was feeling some more pressure and would like her to check me again. When she checked me I was at 9! I got up to potty then back to bed to wait but we didn't have to wait long I started feeling like I needed to push so I called her back in and in came Dr. Johnson and she said We are Ready for this baby!! They had me do few small pushes while they set up and then around 11:20 they had me start pushing after about 4 pushes Adlie was here!!! They handed her right to me and I was so in love with her. I think my first words were oh my goodness look at her cheeks! They then took her and weighed her and measured her and she was quickly returned to my arms where we snuggled and I ate White Castle. Adlie was born at 11:48am on Saturday December 27Th 2008 weighing in at 6lbs 4oz and 19 in long!

Adlie and I after moving up to our post partum room.

Our Sweet little girl!!

So there we have it y'all Adlie's birth story! She is such a blessing to us and we are so happy she is here with us!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Adlie is 6 months old!

Well I honestly CANNOT believe I am writing this post! But My baby girl is now 6 months old! A whole 6 months has passed and We cannot be happier! This beautiful little girl came in to this world and made us a family! Every day she is a blessing and she makes her momma and Dada so happy. Here is a run down on what you are doing at 6 months old.

You now weigh 16.5 lbs

You are 25.5 in long

You have been breastfed up until today (we gave you cereal for the first time today)

You love to talk

You are sitting up almost on your own

You love your Lamaze toys

You love baths in the sink

You love watching Dada play video games or his guitar

You love "petting" Dante and Sally (really you just pull their hair out then try to get your hands in your mouth before momma or Dada can them cleaned off)

You roll every wear

You like to scoot off the bed in to mamma's arms

You are now in size 2 diapers

You are in some 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothes

You have your first tooth!!!

You are scooting on your hands and legs to get around (is crawling coming soon!?)

You are our entire world and we love you so so much and we will always be here for you!

Love you little girl

Momma and Dada
Tomorrow or in the next few days i am going to write out Adlie's birth story to share and add some more pictures!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a Quick update...

We did put a bid in on the house and we were out bid! So we are putting a bid on another house and will know more tomorrow.

Adlie is in what seems like better spirits! We are trying some new things for her teething and they seem to be working pretty good!(she still loves the mesh feeder with crushed ice!)

Here is what we are using(little teethers teething tabs and the oral gel)

And lastly our male cat Dante got out of our apartment last night and has yet to come home. Hopefully he will show up soon!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post # 30 and 30 random questions.....

1)What is your occupation? I am a Mommy and a Wife first and for most and I am a Nanny

2)What colour are your socks now? Socks! What are those?! really i never wear socks lol

3)What are you listening to now? The silence of my home at 6am after a rough night of fussy baby!

4)What was the last thing you ate? Ice cream

5)Can you drive a stick shift? nope

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?Darci

7)Do you have to sleep in specific conditions? Yes i have to have my own blanket with my feet sticking out with the fan on and the TV on but no sound.

8)How old are you today? I am 24 years old 5 months and 10 days old!

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?none sports aren't my thing!

10)What are your favourite drinks?Sonic Cherry Lime aide mmmmm

11)Have you ever dyed your hair?yep (red and black)

12)Favourite food?Mexican nom nom nom

13)Last movie watched?The princess bride

14)Favourite day of the year?I love new years day

15)How do you vent out your anger?I don't get to angry but normally i talk to Matt about it

16)Favourite toy as a child? $5 barbies and balloons and aluminum foil ( balloons and foil made great barbie clothes )

17)Favourite season? Fall or Winter

18)Do you want your friends to email you?Not really text me twitter me but email takes to long!

19)When was the last time you cried? a few days ago

20)What is on the floor of your closet? Clothes and shoes and some boxes full of Matt's stuff

21)Who is the friend you have had the longest? Other than my sisters it would be Matt

22)What did you do last night? Spent it with Adlie in my arms (booo for teething)

23)What are you most afraid of? Spiders!

24)Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger? Swiss cheese and mushrooms nom nom nom

25)Favourite dog breed? Westie! (but I'm not a dog person)

26)Favorite day of the week? The one where Matt has off

27)How many states have you lived in? 2 (Texas and Indiana)

28)Diamond or pearl? I like pearls better but what girl would turn down a Diamond!

29)What is your wish for this new year? A happy healthy baby

30)New year resolutions? I was to busy being AMAZED by my beautiful new born daughter to realize the new year had come and gone

well there you have it a totally pointless post with some random questions to celebrate my 30Th blog! I will blog more tomorrow once we know about the house Please keep us in your thoughts and pray for us we really like this house and want to make it our home!
Oh and here is my little lady sporting her Tutu (I think the time is quickly coming where a new tutu is due)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few thing..

Big Big news! Adlie has her first tooth! It started coming out this week and she has been so cranky and just yucky feeling but now that it has come out she is much better! (once it is out more I will take a picture of it! I cant believe my baby is big enough to get teeth!)Adlie has been holding her mouth funny either with her tongue on her tooth or sucking on her lip lately!
This is Adlie's new best friend we put a little crushed ice or a wash cloth or an ice cube in this and let her chew on it and make an amazing mess!( right now with her being EBF she has yet to start solids so she wont take a bottle or pacifier so i was really surprised she would take to this mesh feeder like she did but man does it make a difference!)

I was so excited that my girl has just enough hair that i can put a bow in it with out a headband now!

How stinking cute is she!These are for our upcoming trip to Florida in July!

Please pray for us on Sunday as we make the bid on a house. We feel God has closed a lot of the other options and lead us to this house for a reason and we would like to have you just pray that we get the house!( We will know on Monday afternoon if we got it)Once we know if we have the house I will be happy to post pictures of it (the interior is in much need of Paint so you will get to see us transform it in to our home! You will understand what I mean if and when I post the photos)

Also I just finished Katy's (Matt's Sister) Gift for her Graduation! Her and I have been talking about ways to dress up the walls in her room and she had mentioned how she would like to do some wood letters for the wall and well as crafty as I am I made them my self and I have to admit I really like them and I think I am going to have to make Adlie some for her room ( I already have them in my head I'm going to do them brown with the crackle and an off white so they look really distressed)

We happen to have some guests this weekend! (its interesting to have 4 *and 1/2* extra bodies in our tiny one bedroom apartment) My sister Darci (the one who is pregnant and due in August) her husband Tim and their little boy Braxten and my youngest sister Danielle all came down Thursday night to visit for the weekend while Tim is training for a new position for his job! (having this many people in our place makes me just that much more excited about this new house and how nice the space will be)

Here is my youngest sister and Adlie having some play time! Adlie LOVES her Auntie Danielle!
Here is Mr.Braxten loving on (and pulling and laying and sitting on)Sally (she didn't seem to mind she kept coming back to him) Poor Braxten though as much as he loves the kitties he has cat allergies and had to take some medication after being so friendly with them.
And the last thing I am going to address is something I have been trying to keep away from but I need to address it because I supported it on my own blog and I did remove the post and I just want to say We as a blogging community have been rocked to the core over this April Rose situation. It is a sad situation where I even wanted to stop blogging and stop reading them as well. After praying and spending some time away from the blogging world I have decided that "B" still needs us to pray for her but in a different way. I also have decided that As disillusioned as this made me feel there were others who were so much more affected and they carry on and well so must I. Please keep praying for B she needs it very much and please don't let this stop you from praying and supporting other people who really need it. With this little blurb I will leave it at this Yes I prayed for "B" yes I hoped that it was not a fake and yes I was very sad and felt wronged by how it played out but I Will keep praying for her and I will keep blogging and I will keep supporting others who blog!( Please leave your comments to your self on this situation)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adlie is 5 months old!

Adlie is 5 months old!
Here is what you are doing right now at 5 months old.
You can roll from belly to back and back to belly.
You are still 100% breastfeed ( no bottles and no pacifiers)
You sleep for almost 10 hours a night waking only 2 times for a quick feed.
You are now taking baths in the sink because you are to big for your baby tub.
You are wearing 0-3 and 3-6 size clothing.
You are in size 2 diapers.
You love to play with bunny. (she goes every where with us)
You have just noticed the cats (Dante and Sally) and you get so excited when you see them!
You have learned how to make noises so you can keep your self awake!
You are trying to sit up all by yourself!
You love playing with your feet.
You love cuddling with daddy when he comes home from work.
You are trying very hard to sit up on your own.
You love to sit in your boppy and "talk".
You still hate the car seat but love the car!
You always seem to find your way to getting your hands tangled in mommy's hair.
That is it for now you are such a blessing to mommy and daddy and we love you very much.

This picture was taken when you were 3 days old and this one is you at 5 months old! Look at how you have grown! (the bear was a gift from Grampy Fred from the hospital you were born in)

And this picture is just too cute! Your Grammy made you that blanket.
Mommy and Daddy cant wait to see what next month brings.So Grow on little girl!