Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adlie is 9 months old!

Adlie you are now 9 months old and you are such a joy! Here is what you are up to at 9 months old!

You now have 4 teeth and 2 more look like they are on the way in..

You weigh 18lbs 8 oz. and you are 26 1/2 in long!

You stand by yourself

You pull up and stand alone

You are crawling all over!

You have tried to take a few steps and you fall *soon!*

You drink apple juice from a sippy cup

You are now eating puffs, toast, pancakes, and pasta!

You are in 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes.

You are in size 3 diapers.

You are in size 2 shoes.

You HATE socks!

You are still breast feeding..

You sleep through the night and take 2 naps a day.

You get so excited when Daddy comes home.

You say mama, dada, and hey!

You love watching Mickey Mouse club house and get so excited when you see Mickey Mouse!

You are such a blessing and mommy and daddy love you so much!

(her camo onesie is from Bass Pro Shop thanks to her Grandpa Greg!)

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Wordless Wednesday...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Layna

We just wanted to give a little shout out to Aunt Layna and tell her Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have been busy...

I know last week I said I would blog more but well my house is full of boxes and packing and cleaning. I have also been busy making bows for a craft fair this coming weekend. I sent those off today and we will see how they sell. Honestly I am hoping they sell pretty well. But who knows. Adlie is indeed cutting her top two teeth we can feel them and see the white starting to poke through her gums. I think she is also cutting one on the bottom next to her first two but we will wait and see. We are all set to close Friday at 2 so please pray that things go well and as planned. I am going to share a few pictures and about Adlie's 9 month Dr's appointment.

Adlie went Monday for her 9 month check up she is now 18lbs 8 oz and is 26 1/2 in long. I will leave the rest of the things our little lady is up to for her 9 month post next week.

I wanted to share a few pictures of the bows I have been making I started making them just for Adlie then made a few for my niece. And now my sister asked me to make some for their craft fair she and a friend were working on so I sent her nearly 80 bows and I feel pretty proud of me for all the hard work I spent making them and I hope if people do buy them that they enjoy them.

Well if things go like they are suppose to we will be closing Friday and doing some work on the house over the weekend and then moving in Monday! Just pray for us. We are ready for this house!

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MckLinky BlogHop - Why read my blog?

Really I don't know why any one would want to read my blog. Well other than the family that lives to far away to see us every day... But if I must I think I am a pretty crafty mama... I make bows for our (almost)9 month old daughter Adlie. Who by the way is just about the cutest little thing ever *I am a little bias*. I blog about my family my crafting , daily life, food, friends, our pets, and what ever else I feel like blogging about. I started blogging as a way to write down some of our life being a new family of 3. and I have just kept blogging. In the comming weeks I will even be blogging about our new home and our many DIY projects that will be happning. I am just a crafty mama who wanted a place to show people the things I make and show y'all my sweet little family.

Let me introduce you to us.... Here I am I'm Sarah ...

Here is my husband Matt...

This is our little girl Adlie...

And this is Sally our cat...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

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Hey Y'all! Its been a few days! We have been busy! Matt has been working I have been making TONS of bows*yes I will share them in a later post!* and chasing Adlie all over the place all while packing!

As many of you know we were due to close on our house Monday and well we have not. They needed some copies of some things so off we sent them and lets PRAY and Pray hard that we can close early next week ( our lease at our apartment is up on the 30th!!!) It is cutting it close and we have some things we want and need to get taken care of before moving our stuff over to the house. So please pray!

Adlie is now standing on her own and is walking around furniture and boxes with ease! I hope we can hold off the walking until we are unpacked at the new house but I won't be surprised if she doesn't wait. She has a mind of her own for sure. She also is set to go to the Dr for her 9 month check up on Monday. * I may move it to the following week if it works better with our move...*

She is also on such a weird sleep schedule. I am back to the sleep when she sleeps schedule... Yesterday she and I finally went to bed at 12 and for some reason she decided at 4:45am she wanted to start her day so up we got and I let her play and eat some puffs while I worked on some bows. She got tired and let me put her back to bed a little after 11:30 and we were up at 2 so I am sleeping just not normal people hours!

We went out yesterday and I got a bunch of new ribbon for my bows!! I am loving some of the big bows I have made. I also got Adlie a new pair of shoes and some leggings (in the $1 bin at target!) and a new pair of leg warmers! I will share pictures tomorrow they are just to cute for words and she is not so sure about the shoes but with it getting cooler soon she needs something on her feet instead of just socks... I also got her a new toy which doesn't happen all the time but it was a good deal and we love the Lamaze toys because they are super cute and very colorful and have lots of things for her to do with them.. I got her a little sparrow and he tweets!

Anyways I just wanted to update and I will try to post pictures tomorrow of some of my bows and Adlie in her legwarmers and shoes!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

It is nearing 5:30am

And I am STILL awake!! Why you ask? Well for the past 2 yes 2 days my sweet little girl has turned in to a monster at night! Yes a MONSTER! *wait for it I will shoot and post some pictures of her.*

(NO she did NOT hit her head when she crys she gets red and blotchy)

Lets start with last night... She normally goes down for bed around 10 and well it was nearing 2 and she was still NOT asleep I wrapped her in a blanket and OMG gave her a pacifier and clipped her in to her car seat , turned off the TV and lights and rocked her and rocked her and rocked her... all while net surfing to keep mama awake... at about 5am YES 5am Daddy woke up after having night terrors...and came in to the living room with blanket and pillow in hand and snuggled up on the couch next to me.

He some what fell asleep(he had to be at work at 8). Adlie on the other hand was STILL awake! She was not thank God crying but she was not asleep! She started to fuss so I decide I will try to feed her... she decides to play! so I finish nursing her and put her down to play (yes at this point daddy had left for work and I had given up!)

So I let her play while I made me some eggs and toast and warmed her some oatmeal.. She refused to eat it but ate almost all of my toast... she then snuggled with me for the next hour wide awake but just chill in my lap. I attempted to shower at this point to which she played with the toys on her jumper just long enough for me to wash my hair... I dressed towel dried my hair and changed her diaper then fed her again.. By this time it is almost 11:30 and still no sleep!!! Then something wonderful happened!!! She was ASLEEP!!! This being her normal nap time I only allowed her to sleep her normal nap time.. she was up by 1:30 and man she was CRANKY!

She ate then I let her play for a while. around 4:30 we *yes her and I* went down for her second nap which normally lasts about an hour. Once daddy came home she was up and ready to play. I got her out some toys and let her play on the floor while I did some picking up and while daddy showered. Then daddy had to run to do something with his friend and was back around 7:45 we then headed to the store grabbed some cookies and soda and then grabbed Taco Bell for dinner came home let Adlie play on the floor while we ate then she had some applesauce and I nursed her.... She played for a while but seemed to want to be held so I cuddled her and she was soon fell asleep *around 10ish*.

I took her in to bed with me and I fell asleep also. Matt had a friend come over to play video games . Adlie woke around 12:30 and wanted to PLAY!!! I am thinking what is wrong with my child she NEEDS to sleep! I try to get her to go back to sleep for an hour and a half but all she wants to do is play so back to the living room we go for her to play * I was really hoping she would be sleepy soon so I just let her play. I started getting really sleepy around 3:30 so I took her back to bed HOPING she would fall asleep and after about an hour of nursing she was sleeping!!!

I however was no longer tired so I get up to be sure her toys and stuff were picked up and around 4:45 what do I hear.... Adlie CRYING! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS!! So here I am it is 6am *YES 6am* Adlie is wrapped in a blanked in her car seat being rocked making whimpering noises trying to keep her self awake. I am at this point beyond tired but that has skipped over and is now just a restless almost manic nesting... like when you are 8 months pregnant and you wake in the middle of the night to organize the closet!... I want to pack but fear my moving around that much will disturb her some what sleep *her eyes are closed and the whimpering is only coming if I move her so I have stopped rocking her* I can sadly see the early morning light slowly creeping in the ugly vertical blinds of our apartments sliding glass door and realize this is day #2 of this non sleeping thing! I hope this is a teething thing. She is showing the signs of it.

Just let me clear a few things so there aren't questions. She Does NOT have any type of fever. She normally sleeps great.. I am thinking this may also be a growth spurt.. Well we will see.. Please Y'all this mama is T-I-R-E-D pray for a better day and for more sleep tomorrow!

She is now asleep!!

I will close for now and will let you know how today and tonight go!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

MckLinky BlogHop - REMEMBERING 9/11

I was a Sophomore in high school when 9/11 happened. I remember that day so clearly I can tell you so many details about that day *and I will*. I was in the auditorium in the upper left side 3 rows up taking the gqw and the Istep tests. We had just finished our first session and were let out to have a bathroom break and the news rippled through our small groups quickly. The teachers called us all back into the auditorium and told us testing would be canceled for the rest of the day and we were to return to our regular class immediately. I am pretty sure the teachers needed time to regroup and decide how they were going to explain to us what was happening. So we sat in our class rooms eyes fixed on the TVs watching the horrors unfold. They decided that we should go home so they let us out early *just after lunch*. My older sister came and picked us (my younger sister and I) up. She needed to get some gas and I will never forget sitting in that line waiting to get gas. We lived in a small town but we sat in the car for hours everyone slowly filling their tanks to make sure they had gas in case something more happened. I remember the picture my little sister who was 8 at the time . She drew the buildings on fire and people falling and God watching... For days we watched the TV. Everyone walked around like zombies We clung to our friends and our families and the news hoping for no more bad news...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My New Blog layout...

Let me tell you I have really enjoyed making my own layout.. The ones I have used were beautifully made but were not made by me and there were things on them I would have changed.So I started messing with how to make my own and then I stumbled upon this blog and her free scrapbook kit (one which I am ABSOLUTELY in love with). The set is called Fall Festival and There are so many other elements that I didn't even get to play with for my layout but seriously how cute is this set! The colors are AMAZING and the creator Maurine Stettler has several other sets up for free and they are just as cute! So now that I have the hang of this blog layout thing I am SO happy to have found Maurine's blog and her amazing work! I will be going back and I will be using her kits to make some scrap book pages too! So tell me what you think of my new look and head over to Maurine's blog and have a look at all of her kits you will LOVE them!

Maurine THANK YOU! I love this kit! It surly inspired me!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show us your life..School pictures

Well its Friday and that means Kelly is featuring her Show us your life blog hop. This week she is doing school pictures!Well I don't have a ton of pictures but here are a few I do have...

This is Matt and I going to a dinner at his school... I was in 10th grade...(2001)

Here I am in 11th grade...(2003)

This is one of my Senior pictures (2004)

This is Graduation day!!! Me and our foreign exchange student Precilla...(may of 2004)

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Just a few things...

Hey y'all
So these last few days have been busy! My hands have been hard at work making bows bows and more bows! So today I figured I would show you what I have been working on. My sister asked me to make a lot for her to sell for me at a craft show at the end of this month and another one the following weekend. So my hands are busy!I am in love with the Loopy bow and yes I will say it I LOVE making korkers.. I guess you could say I'm korker crazy! Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Oh really quick please pray for us we are set to close on our house on the 14th!!!
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