Friday, March 27, 2009

Adlie is now 3 months old

Adlie is now 3 months old and I thought i would show y'all how much she has changed from the tiny 6lb 4oz 19 in long little girl to the 12lb 23 1/2 in long little lady she is now!

The day Adlie was born...

Adlie at about 2 weeks old...

Again at 2 months old.....

2 months again....

Taken on Tuesday of this week.

She is such a fun baby now she is cooing and laughing and rolling over She has such a fun personality and it is unbelievably fun to dress this little lady!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Continue to pray

I slept little last night with a sick cranky baby. She has a cold and had some shots yesterday which made her not her usuaul happy self . She has spit up several times and needs to be held alot I am really starting to understand why some parents hold off on shots.As Friday approches I cannot believe this little girl will be 3 months old! I have a few thoughts for some posts comming soon but for now I just want to have you continue to pray for Stellan and his family! Here is a video of a less cranky baby!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Please pray!

Hey everyone! I have been following a blog for a while now and Sweet little Stellan and his family need your prayres! Please just pray God will slow his heart to the normal rate and pray for peace of mind for his mama and the rest of his family!
love you all!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Lets just start at the beginning. I met Kristin in middle school. I was in 8Th grade and she was in 7Th. She and I became friends quickly. She became as much a sister to me as my blood sisters. I loved her so much and she will always be special to me. She may never know the impact she made on my life but I don't think I would ever be where I am today if it wasn't for her and her telling me how perfect Matt was for me. Kristin died in February of 2001 of a stroke. I have so many stories of our days together.. I think I always looked forward to snow days because when we had snow days her mom would drop her off at our house in the morning and we would hang out all day long! I remember her having ramen noodle for the first time and loving it! I will never forget her breaking my bed the morning of my16Th birthday to go out to breakfast! I remember going Christmas shopping with her and her mom and sitting on Santa's lap! And I will never ever forget saying goodbye to one of my dearest no my best friend. I carry a bit of her and am reminded daily of her by the tattoo on my foot. There are so many times as the years have gone by that I wish my friend where here when I graduated, when I got engaged, my wedding day, and the birth of my daughter . Though she was not physically there I know she was there and I take comfort in knowing I will see her again one day!

The Boys of March 11th

Hello again everyone! It has been a busy week... Two of the boys in my life had their birthday (yes the same day) One was the love of my life Matt. He turned 26 and we spent the day together and went out for mexican food.

My Sister Danielle (she is almost 16)made Matt this cake for his birthday! Hey it was yummy!

Ah then this Beautiful little boy (my first born nephew!) Turned 1! I remember it so well the day his mommy (my sister Darci) shared with us she and Tim were going to have a baby and now he is walking and getting so big! I love him dearly and know he is a blessing to our family!

Yes he had some help with the mess on his face but he loved the cake!

His first birthday cake! (it had whipped frosting on it and MMMMM its my favorite!) So those two handsome Boys are my boys of March! In a few weeks I will be posting about Danielle's Sweet 16! Be on the look out for it!


Hey everyone I have 2 new products I have tried...

First is this Flatbread .... I had a chicken club and I added a little ranch and I have to say it was very very good! it only takes a minute and a half and I think I will be buying some more of these!

This was my lunch today... 6 little pizza snacks... a minute and 20 seconds and you have six little bites... The bread is the best part of these (its soft and sweet) The filling is sadly lacking maybe more cheese would make me happy. but another thing i may buy again!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession Fashion

As Kelly has on her blog today! We are all trying to save money where ever we can and finding the best deal is always fun and if you can look good too that is a major plus! So if you don't know me I am ..... an Old Navyoholic. OK THERE I SAID IT! I love Old Navy. Here are some great things I found on Old Navy's web site!

Just like Kelly I just had a little girl and for the most part she has tons of clothes but I can't help but get her clothes when we are out!First up is of course a cute little outfit for my little cupcake! The shirt is $7.50 and the Capri's are $6.50 so this totals up to $14!

Next is a cute Henley and cropped jeans! Right now at Old Navy they are having a sale on their Jeans $19! The shirt is $10 and the jeans are $19 so this is $29 all together!

Next is a sweet little summer dress that not only would look great alone but on cold days add a long sleeve shirt and leggings or tights and boots and it would look just as cute! The dress is $15! And these sandals are from Payless and are $9.99! This outfit is $24.99!

I am a sucker for great jeans and I love the sweetheart style from Old Navy (they don't ride to low) This outfit is a great canvas bag $10. Long sleeve shirt OMG $2.99! And jeans $16.99. So again an outfit for $30!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Bunny baby

Oh how I love getting bags of hand-me-downs I love love it because you can sometimes find some amazing things and wow did we hit a winner winner chicken dinner with a bag from one of Matt's aunts friends! I had to share and hope you enjoy!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello everyone I'm Dante. I am the smelly, rude,loud,attention seeking roommate to the human that seems to spend a lot of time on this contraption. My favorite things are to drink water from the tap in the bathroom,Eat,sleep, and Talk. For the past few months the human whom I love has been less interested in me and more interested in the small human they brought home after Christmas. About that small human I'm not sure about her she seems to make a lot of noise, and she gets all of my attention. Oh well I still get fed and am still allowed to sleep at the end of my humans bed. Oh and because I am so handsome here are some pretty awesome shots of me.
Here I am with the little human! I think I like her now...

Here I am in my favorite place (the bathroom sink)

Here I am in my sweatshirt just hanging out.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Cupiecakes is not only our beautiful daughter (we started calling her this the day she was born because of the hat she has on in the picture she was so little and it was so big she looked like a little cupcake with the hat as her frosting) but a really yummy treat.
I want to know WHY my cupcakes never ever look like the ones at the store with there perfect round tops and no over spill!

Well truth be told today I think this one looks pretty yummy and since I made it it's even yummier!So at work today I decided to treat the girls for being good helpers and cleaning their rooms to a not so often treat (they don't get sweets to often) so while making these cupcakes I started to wonder why mine don't look like the ones sold at a store.Here is a shot of the uber yummy snack for the ladies. So the ladies obviously enjoyed their snack and I guess they don't have to look store perfect to please these ladies!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My craft project...

I have been making bows for Adlie for a while now and I have become pretty good at it if I may say so myself. Not to mention I love to have people stop and comment on how cute she is wiht her cute little bow.So here is a picture of some of the bows I have made for Adlie.
Yep and for you that are looking really close there is a Colts one ,bumble bee, lady bug, goldfish, and some pretty cool flower ones.

To old to wear braided pig tails?!

OK so lately with my hair getting longer and longer and me not wanting to cut it I have had to do some different things to keep it out of little fingers.So it is in braided pigtails. I passed by the mirror and then started to wonder if I am to old to wear my hair like this... OK OK OK.... I have come the conclusion that at 24 I am in fact to old to wear my hair like this in public.(that doesn't mean I can't do it at home though!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures in Tutu making!

Yep that's right I decided to make some tutus. Not only to use on Adlie for pictures but for Danielle's 16Th birthday party. Danielle has wanted a tutu for a while now and I started doing some searching online and found an easy easy way to make one and while I was out getting the stuff for Danielle's I decided to make one for Adlie too! I also took the time to make Danielle a bow to go with hers! She most definitely will be the coolest dressed 16 year old!