Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello everyone I'm Dante. I am the smelly, rude,loud,attention seeking roommate to the human that seems to spend a lot of time on this contraption. My favorite things are to drink water from the tap in the bathroom,Eat,sleep, and Talk. For the past few months the human whom I love has been less interested in me and more interested in the small human they brought home after Christmas. About that small human I'm not sure about her she seems to make a lot of noise, and she gets all of my attention. Oh well I still get fed and am still allowed to sleep at the end of my humans bed. Oh and because I am so handsome here are some pretty awesome shots of me.
Here I am with the little human! I think I like her now...

Here I am in my favorite place (the bathroom sink)

Here I am in my sweatshirt just hanging out.

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  1. Seeing this post I remember why I like cats better than dogs! LOL