Friday, March 20, 2009

The Boys of March 11th

Hello again everyone! It has been a busy week... Two of the boys in my life had their birthday (yes the same day) One was the love of my life Matt. He turned 26 and we spent the day together and went out for mexican food.

My Sister Danielle (she is almost 16)made Matt this cake for his birthday! Hey it was yummy!

Ah then this Beautiful little boy (my first born nephew!) Turned 1! I remember it so well the day his mommy (my sister Darci) shared with us she and Tim were going to have a baby and now he is walking and getting so big! I love him dearly and know he is a blessing to our family!

Yes he had some help with the mess on his face but he loved the cake!

His first birthday cake! (it had whipped frosting on it and MMMMM its my favorite!) So those two handsome Boys are my boys of March! In a few weeks I will be posting about Danielle's Sweet 16! Be on the look out for it!

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