Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession Fashion

As Kelly has on her blog today! We are all trying to save money where ever we can and finding the best deal is always fun and if you can look good too that is a major plus! So if you don't know me I am ..... an Old Navyoholic. OK THERE I SAID IT! I love Old Navy. Here are some great things I found on Old Navy's web site!

Just like Kelly I just had a little girl and for the most part she has tons of clothes but I can't help but get her clothes when we are out!First up is of course a cute little outfit for my little cupcake! The shirt is $7.50 and the Capri's are $6.50 so this totals up to $14!

Next is a cute Henley and cropped jeans! Right now at Old Navy they are having a sale on their Jeans $19! The shirt is $10 and the jeans are $19 so this is $29 all together!

Next is a sweet little summer dress that not only would look great alone but on cold days add a long sleeve shirt and leggings or tights and boots and it would look just as cute! The dress is $15! And these sandals are from Payless and are $9.99! This outfit is $24.99!

I am a sucker for great jeans and I love the sweetheart style from Old Navy (they don't ride to low) This outfit is a great canvas bag $10. Long sleeve shirt OMG $2.99! And jeans $16.99. So again an outfit for $30!


  1. Your little girl is precious and I forgot to add on my blog that these days I'd rather buy clothes for Harper than for me. Who cares what I look like? ha!

  2. (found you through MckMama's blog)

    Love the little girl outfit you "featured".


  3. Love the outfits that you picked!