Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Cupiecakes is not only our beautiful daughter (we started calling her this the day she was born because of the hat she has on in the picture she was so little and it was so big she looked like a little cupcake with the hat as her frosting) but a really yummy treat.
I want to know WHY my cupcakes never ever look like the ones at the store with there perfect round tops and no over spill!

Well truth be told today I think this one looks pretty yummy and since I made it it's even yummier!So at work today I decided to treat the girls for being good helpers and cleaning their rooms to a not so often treat (they don't get sweets to often) so while making these cupcakes I started to wonder why mine don't look like the ones sold at a store.Here is a shot of the uber yummy snack for the ladies. So the ladies obviously enjoyed their snack and I guess they don't have to look store perfect to please these ladies!

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