Monday, August 31, 2009

MckLinky BlogHop baby pictures...

OH MAN can I get in to this one!!! *seeing as I have a brand new NIECE and an 8 month old daughter oh and my sweet nephews who are both nearing 18 months! well this one could be very picture heavy but I know you will all enjoy it! So here we go!

The first picture is me at 8 months...

This is my hubby at around 9 months...
This is Braxten my nephew now at 18 months and the inset is at 1 month....*he just became a big brother!

This is Maddux now at 17 months and the inset at around 4 months...

This is my daughter Adlie now at 8 months and the inset at a week old....

Weekend Getaway

Hey Y'all!
Oh my goodness I am glad to be back!! I missed you guys... and my own bed and my poor kitty and the city!!! We are home and it feels good!
We headed up to my sister Darci's house early Thursday afternoon to meet our new (and only for the time being) niece Meika Madilynn! Who became part of our family on Wednesday. As Her auntie let me tell you she is just Precious!!!! She is so easy going for her mama and daddy *and her big brother Braxten*!
We also spent some time with my dear friend K who I have typed to you all here about. I love her dearly and I want you all to pray for them in the coming months. October 23rd is their sweet little boy's 1st birthday and it will be 1 year since they said goodbye to him. Let me tell you he was beautiful! I just ask that you all pray for comfort and peace as the date gets closer and pray that they find a fitting way to honor him. Also be on your knees for them as they are going to be trying again soon, just pray for peace and that God would bless them.
I also would like if you would pray for us as our house closing is coming up in a few weeks and we will know more about that some time tomorrow and once I know I will pass it on to you all to be praying for a smooth move!
Well we had a fun fulled weekend with new babies, family dinners, football, high school band, friends,and now we are home and I will close this post with pictures of our weekend getaway!




My nephew Braxten *Mieka's big brother*

My mom and Adlie at the football game!
My sister Danielle *the one with the blue trumpet) playing at half time!
My Nephew Maddux *this child moves so much a blurry picture is a good picture of him lol*
Danielle and Adlie...
My Brother-in-law and Adlie
Adlie wearing Maddux's shoes!

Well Y'all I sure missed you and I am glad to be back!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adlie is 8 months old!

Wow 8 months.... REALLY!?! I say it every month I think but I cannot believe my baby is 8 months old!

What are you up to now Adlie...

You wear 3-6 month clothes...

You are in size 3 diapers...

You are STILL mostly breastfeeding...

You like to eat some baby food...

You are now saying Mama and Dada a lot

You are crawling EVERYWHERE!!!

You laugh a lot *which we LOVE!!*

You have such a sweet personality and are still such a cuddle bug...

You are now taking a bath in the big tub and you LOVE the water...

You are pulling up on every thing and have started trying to stand alone...

We have started giving you a sippy cup and you seem to like it..

You now sit in the cart when we go shopping and you love hanging out and seeing what is going on!

Adlie every month that goes by we realize how much we love you and we will always love you!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She is HERE!!!

Meika Madilynn 21 in. long 8 lbs 7 oz 1:27pm
Here are a few pictures my mom took of my sisters newest baby! We are on our way up to meet her tomorrow and I will of course have many more pictures for you!!!
but here are just a few!

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Oh I got her and Adlie a matching dress and I also got them matching onesies! So be prepared MAJOR CUTENESS!!!

Wordless Wednesday!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please pray....UPDATE!!

I just wanted to update really quick ... My sister and her husband welcomed a little girl in to their family a little after 2pm this afternoon. I am not sure on her weight and length or the spelling of her name right now but I will have some pictures and those updates in a little while but I wanted to let you know my new Niece has arrived and is healthy! Thank you for praying!

Tomorrow at 5:30 am My younger sister Darci is going to the hospital to be induced. She is 41 and a half weeks pregnant and this baby doesn't seem to want to come out! So if you would just say a prayer for a quick labor and a safe delivery of my new niece or nephew!This is my sister at 36ish weeks last month at our family reunion....
This handsome little boy is going to be a big brother by this time tomorrow!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

MckLinky BlogHop Things that make me laugh...

Here are a few things that make me laugh...

Sorry its sideways... This is Adlie and my sister Darci (who is being induced on Wed so pray for a healthy baby!!!*) Adlie loves her Aunt Darci!
And here are a few funny parenting quotes!
There are only two things a child will share willingly -- communicable diseases and his mother's age.Benjamin Spock

We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.Phyllis Diller

Here is Adlie trying a Popsicle for the first time and well she didn't like it....
I hope this put a smile on your face!
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MckLinky Blog Hop

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few cool Giveaways!!!!!

A few cool Giveaways!

Jen is doing a blog hop giveaway where you can win 9 hair clips from Celeste and Co. And well seeing as I have a little girl who is starting to get some hair I can put clips in I am totally entering this giveaway!! If you are interested in joining this one please feel free to hop over to Jen's blog and read the post about how to join in!!! And even if you don't win or don't want to join in the giveaway go check out Celeste and Co. and see all of the cute things she has for sale! * her prices are very reasonable!!!

Another blogger Teresa is having a give away that sounds AMAZING if you love Christmas or are looking for new ways to decorate your home for the up coming holiday. Teresa decorates homes for Christmas! What a fun job!!! She has been sharing on her blog some tips and tricks on what she does and I am looking forward to seeing some of her in action pictures. I know its early to start thinking Christmas but really its not seeing as we all tend to spend quite a bit of money and time putting up or decorations and we do leave them up for a while too but if you are a planner like I am head over to her blog and take a peak at her totally awesome job! And don't forget to leave her a comment I'm sure she would LOVE that!

Brandy at The Buzz is doing a giveaway for all of you scrap bookers! Hop over to her blog to check it out and go check out One Scrappy Chick's Etsy store to see some of her awesome products! She is also doing a second giveaway for a gift set from Plush Naturals!!!! OMG this is so something I would LOVE!!! Hello all natural skin care!!! Go to their site and take a look Plush Naturals shop.

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Not My Child Monday!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Its that time again and this week there is a little twist.. I don't have to admit to any thing!!! but I get to tell you about little miss Adlie!

Adlie does NOT sleep in only a diaper because she hates wearing clothes to bed! Nope not my child!!!

Adlie does NOT seem to find her way to wires! Nope not my child!

Adlie did NOT get to taste ice cream for the first time this weekend! Nope I would not give my child ice cream at almost 8 months old!

Adlie is NOT standing staring up at the TV watching Adult Swim (Metalocalypse) Nope Not my child!!

Adlie is NOT learning to drink from a sippy cup! Nope she is to little for that!!!

Adlie does NOT seem to sneeze and fart all at the same time and she would never laugh after! Not my Child!

Ok seeing as Adlie is still little and doesn't do to much yet to need to have her own nmcm.. Here are a few of mine..

I do NOT have to put Adlie in the bath tub to go to the bathroom with out her getting in to things.. Nope I don't do that...

I have NOT been drinking way to much coffee and end up staying up WAY to late at night!!! Nope not me!

I am NOT in panic mode over having a very unorganized house due to packing! Nope I am not worried about that!

I have NOT been making tons of bows in hopes of my sister's baby being a girl! Nope I have better things to do with my time!

I do NOT go in to crazy packing mode after midnight for some weird reason! Nope not me I am in bed way before then!

I do NOT need to get Adlie back on a normal sleep schedule since she seems to not go to bed until nearly 3am due to our vacation and I have not had the time to get her going to bed normally! Nope my girl goes to bed at 8pm and sleeps through the night! *I wish!!!*

Well there you have it Y'all now go to MckMama's blog and join in the fun!

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Our Anniversary dinner...

Our Anniversary Dinner at Chili's....We started off with queso and chips YUMO then I got a mushroom and Swiss hamburger and Matt got the Shrimp alfredo both very yummy...
So nicely sharing a bite of his dinner... Our desert... Molten chocolate cake YUM

Adlie got a small taste of ice cream and liked it... She had sweet potatoes and corn for her dinner...

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Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Wonderful years...

Matt and I were married on a beautiful ,warm,and sunny day 5 years ago today! If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I thought we would be in 5 years I think I would have been WAY off... Thought I am very happy at the direction our lives have taken. I love who he has become and even more now because he is our daughters daddy! I love the fact that his face lights up when she smiles or when she says dada! He is the most loving husband! I am blessed to have such a loving husband and I look forward to the next 5 years and the many many more to follow! I thought I would share a few pictures of us...Here is us when we first started dating! Our wedding day... Taken a few nights ago....

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