Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MckLinky BlogHop Favorite Photo!

Here are some of my favorite pictures! I could not add them all or you would have been here all day! Please enjoy and feel free to hop back here for more pictures *I post a lot!* of my sweet growing little girl and our moving to our first house!

I LOVE this picture because this was the first time Adlie met her great great Grandma (she is still with us and she is doing quite well! She moved to Florida and is enjoying it but we miss her!)

This is my belly the day I went to the hospital to have Adlie! 38.5 weeks! She was born almost 24 hours later.

I love watching her sleep she just looks to precious!

My hubby took this picture of us on the beach. Adlie was not liking it at all and mommy was trying her hardest to calm and comfort her. I just think this is such a sweet photo! *That hubby of mine has a real eye for things like this!*

My loving,handsome,caring husband holding his daughter for the first time! I melt when I see them together.
My Darling Nephew Maddux! Isn't he just the sweetest little guy!

My sweet Nephew Braxten! *He is going to be a big brother very soon!!*

My dear friend who's little boy was born still in October,While we were in Florida I wrote his name in the sand for her... Isaiah sweet boy you made a mark on this world and I know we look forward to meeting you in heaven!

Me and my lovely Hubby Matt Last night being goofy! Oh how I love him!


  1. Fun fotos! Your little Adlie is so cute and I really love her name! The pic of your nephew in the tree is so cool. The beautiful yellow leaves!! We don't get much of that in AZ!

  2. hoppin through...

    Having a great, great grandma is very special. I have a pic of my son with his, but she died a couple years later. (that was 16 years ago)

    And what could be more precious than a sleeping baby?

  3. I love pictures of sleeping babies. So precious.

  4. What a great set of photos! Besides my husband's photos with the babies, I think my next favorite is the one's with their grandma; just like your photos :)

    hopping through via McLinky ~ JMom