Monday, August 3, 2009

A touchy subject

* be warned* This is how I feel and if you don't like it please keep your comments to yourselves*

This evening I was on a popular mommy web page reading questions... I do this often when I am bored. I saw a question that rocked me a little bit. The question was : How far along will planned parenthood preform an abortion? I will right now state ***I AM 100% PRO-LIFE!*** I believe from the moment of conception that is a baby and a blessing from God. The person who posted this was asking for a friend and the friend just knew if she had the baby she could not put him/her up for adoption. But she would rather kill him/her!!! I just don't understand this concept. This girl who is old enough to obviously be having sex and well should be smart enough to be using some sort of contraception, would rather kill her unborn baby rather than giving that baby to a family who may be unable to have children of their own! That family who would undoubtedly love that child and do everything for this child! But no this girl would rather kill her baby! I just don't get this. I think the worst part was the people helping this girl. They were giving her information about how far along they did abortions. ( apparently its up to 20 ish weeks in CA!)

I guess this just boiled my blood because I am sitting here holding one of Gods blessings in my arms. I cried the day I saw her little heart beating on the ultrasound. I cried the day I herd her heart beating for the first time. I cried the first time I felt her kick. I cried the first time I herd her cry. I cried the first time I held her. I loved her when we didn't know she was a girl. I loved her the moment I got the positive test. She was our baby! I love my daughter so much I tend to forget to take time for me most days.

I just don't understand the thought process of people who are pro choice. I wonder when they think a baby becomes a baby.

I am sitting here with mascara streaked cheeks praying that God will change this girls heart and that this baby will have the chance to live. It is not up to me to judge but it did for some reason hurt my heart to read that question.

Well let me step down from the soap box. Sorry that just bothered me and I just needed an outlet!

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