Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few cool Giveaways!!!!!

A few cool Giveaways!

Jen is doing a blog hop giveaway where you can win 9 hair clips from Celeste and Co. And well seeing as I have a little girl who is starting to get some hair I can put clips in I am totally entering this giveaway!! If you are interested in joining this one please feel free to hop over to Jen's blog and read the post about how to join in!!! And even if you don't win or don't want to join in the giveaway go check out Celeste and Co. and see all of the cute things she has for sale! * her prices are very reasonable!!!

Another blogger Teresa is having a give away that sounds AMAZING if you love Christmas or are looking for new ways to decorate your home for the up coming holiday. Teresa decorates homes for Christmas! What a fun job!!! She has been sharing on her blog some tips and tricks on what she does and I am looking forward to seeing some of her in action pictures. I know its early to start thinking Christmas but really its not seeing as we all tend to spend quite a bit of money and time putting up or decorations and we do leave them up for a while too but if you are a planner like I am head over to her blog and take a peak at her totally awesome job! And don't forget to leave her a comment I'm sure she would LOVE that!

Brandy at The Buzz is doing a giveaway for all of you scrap bookers! Hop over to her blog to check it out and go check out One Scrappy Chick's Etsy store to see some of her awesome products! She is also doing a second giveaway for a gift set from Plush Naturals!!!! OMG this is so something I would LOVE!!! Hello all natural skin care!!! Go to their site and take a look Plush Naturals shop.

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  1. Thanks your awesome. Stick around for the new giveaway starting tomorrow. and the HUGE giveaway party starting Aug 30th... two items listed each day for a whole week.. yeah that's how we celebrate at my house!!!

    thanks for visiting, goodluck!!!!
    The Buzz,

  2. I love reading these giveaway lists! Spread the love. I do the same thing at Healthy Moms every Monday. Visit : for complete details. Good luck with your giveaways!