Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Making your very own baby wrap is simple and you don't even need to know how to sew!!! I have tried several carriers... a sling which Adlie pretty much lived in for the first few weeks of her life... and we tried a ring sling and I was nervous about the security of the ring... and we have a snugglie....I have seen the Moby wrap and I REALLY wanted one but money was a bit of a problem I just figured i could do it my self! *So can you !!!* Here is what you will need

4yds of any color Jersey Knit fabric ( I found mine in the dance apparel fabric section)

*If you are larger you will want to get 4 1/2 yds or if you can sew get 3 yds cut it in half width wise and sew one end to the next ( I will explain that in more detail)

really if you don't sew get 4 yds and cut it in half and there you have your wrap!*TOLD YOU ITS EASY!!!*

If you sew or know someone who does it would be preferred if you sewed the edges all the way around.

To dress it up a little you can sew a contrasting fabric square to the center of the wrap..* I have my fabric but now my hubby wants to wear her in the wrap too and well the pretty flowers just won't work for a daddy!*

*for the bigger of us*

Take the 3 yds and cut it in half and sew them together *sew it several times to insure it is secure!* then sew around the edges to give it a finished look!

Here is Adlie loving her new wrap!

With this you can use all of the instructions that go with the Moby or a similar wrap. If you have any problems please ask me and I would love to help you!

Thanks for stopping by!

For my next how to I will be trying my hand at making baby shoes...

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