Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Winner is....

which was Raechel! Raechel is expecting a new baby girl soon and I am pretty sure what ever beanie she chooses will look absolutly darling on little Hazel! Congrats Raechel!!! Please send me your info to along with your beanie choice so Jessica can get it out to you asap!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winner TBA!!

OK I have a winner but I cannot post until tomorrow once my camera is charged so I can post the picture of the number! So come back tomorrow and see if you won!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last day to enter!!!!

Today is the last day you can enter the I Heart Baby giveaway in this post!!! Remember if it says you get 2 entries or more for the item you do you must comment that many times (example follow me on twitter=2 entries which means you must leave 2 separate comments!!!)

I will be posting the winner on Friday afternoon and if I don't hear from you with in 24 hours I will choose a new winner!

I will be using to pick the winner!

Get those last minute entries in!!! Don't forget to @ me when/if you tweet about the giveaway!!!

Good luck!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!!

Oh Lappy I have missed you!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Heart Baby Beanie Giveaway!


Jessica at I Heart Baby is allowing me to give away one of her hand made beanies in any of her amazing prints! Trust me on this y'all will love them they are so soft and people just love them! ( We were out tonight and I was stopped 2 times at dinner by people asking where we found her hat!!!)

This giveaway will run from today (Friday 1-22-10) until Friday (1-29-10) I will announce the winner and have them contact me to get their information and their choice of beanie on that day!

Here is how to enter!

Leave a separate comment for each entry...

1 entry visit I Heart Baby come back ant tell me your favorite item

1 entry- become a follower, if you are not already

1 entry- heart I Heart Baby on Etsy

2 entrys- Follow me on Twitter (

3 entrys- Tweet about the giveaway(remember to @ me when you do!)

4 entrys- Blog about the giveaway

5 entrys- Purchase anything from I Heart Baby. Come back and let me know

For an added bonus, Jessica from I Heart Baby is offering free shipping to any one who orders now until next Thursday!!(1-28)

MckLinky Blog Hop

Another snapshot in my mind...

Last night we tried to get Adlie to sleep in her own bed but that didn't work well at all... late last night I found myself with Adlie in my arms cuddling like so many times in the early days of her life. I laid there with her snuggled in my arms her head resting just under my chin. I could hear the fan and the quiet jingle of Sally's collar I could smell the faint smell of blueberries from the new candle I had lit in the living room earlier. I just looked down at her and though to my self *Snap* I want to remember this forever. One day she will be to big to have mommy hold her and kiss her soft sweet smelling head. One day she will not want me to cuddle her to sleep. But for last night and for any night from here on out I will cuddle her and love on her like it is the last night she will let me and I will do my best to remember what a treasure she is and how truly blessed we are to be able to be her parents.

Mama loves you baby girl!

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I Heart Baby!

Jessica at I Heart Baby is going to be offering free shipping to any one who mentions my blog in the next few days!

Also if you purchace from her leave me a comment tomorrow and that will be extra entries in the giveaway!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New blog layout

Well its no longer Christmas so it was time for something new I LOVE the colors in the papers with this set! To see more of this set go to Julia's blog! She has lots of other sets too! Thanks Julia LOVE it!

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Wordless Wednesday..

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Monday, January 18, 2010

I Heart Baby review and blog announcement!!!

Recently I offered my blog up to some of the ladies on one of my hair bow forums. I asked the ladies to let me do a write up about their shop and the products they offer. One of the ladies (Jessica) allowed me to review her products! And let me tell you all how much I LOVE her hand made beanies! The Fabric she uses is so soft and the prints are just amazing!

The beanies we received!

We received 3 beanies and Adlie has worn all of them while we have been out in the last few days and every time she is wearing one we have been stopped at least 3 times by people telling us how cute her beanie is and asking where they could find one... I proceed to tell them where to find one and thank them for the compliments.

Adlie in the Sweet Zebra print (so cute!)

Adlie in the Rainbow Dots print! (This one would be perfect for a boy or girl!)

Adlie in the Black and White Damask print! ( I love this one!!)

Adlie loves to wear them and lately has been carrying one around and rubbing it on her cheek because that is just how soft it is. She also normally takes any hat or beanie off immediately but she leaves these on. In fact she fell asleep wearing one the other day! That is how much she even loves these sweet beanies!

OK so I feel like I have gushed about these beanies a lot and now you need to "meet" Jessica!

Here is Jessica (how cute is she!) and her darling little boy Jayden!

Here is Jayden in one of his mama's beanies! ( I love this print too!)
(This is the White and Black Skull print)

Another picture of sweet Jayden in a very cute beanie made by his very talented mama!
(This print is the boys Houndstooth)

(this part was written by Jessica)

My name is Jessica and I am a proud Mother of a wild two year old boy. Since he was born I could never find outfits cool or cute enough for him. So, he's grown up in little wife beaters and Mohawks. So that being my inspiration I began designing baby beanies from newborn-children's size. My theory being, " if all else fails....accessorize!" I started designing and making little boy beanies with the most unique and fun fabrics I could find,from skull prints to a variety of Argyle,Hound's-tooth,Alligators, and even solid beanies with fabulous screen prints. Every fabric is chosen specifically for comfort ability and style. the prints are unique and fun and the solids are done in the most wonderful colors I can find. The fabrics vary from a thin jersey knit, to sweater knit, to a thicker fleece and thermal for the cold days. In my search for the coolest fabrics to spice up my sons wardrobe I started making little girls beanies with all the cutest and most stylish fabrics that every little girl should have.

I have always had a passion for designing and making clothing and accessories,but it wasn't until I had my first son that I found my calling to design for babies and kids. Now I am preparing for baby boy #2, I have found my fate was to design unique and stylish clothes and accessories for little boys everywhere!

I am currently selling on, both boys and girls beanies and accessories. Soon to come is my own website that will be filled with beanies, hair accessories, tutus,onesies, and a variety of other clothing and accessories for both boys and girls newborn to children's.

I Heart Baby will continue to introduce new styles and new products! We are determined to create the absolute most stylish and unique clothing and accessories for all babies.

Now that you all got to "know" Jessica better We would like you to come back Friday where I will be having a giveaway! Jessica is going to be giving away one of her handmade beanies in your choice of print or color and size!!!! The give away will end next Friday! More info to come on Friday as to how to enter! So for now go over to Jessica's Etsy shop and have a look!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Late Wordless Wednesday...

This still melts my heart....


Friday, January 8, 2010

Adlie is 1!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!! My sweet girl is 1! It came up so fast I feel like I missed it! I so wanted to post her birth story and then post this post but time has slipped away from me. Adlie is 1! She is such a joy and is so fun! Here is what she is up to right now.

You are29 1/2 inches Long!

You weigh 19 lbs and 4 oz!

You are eating all table food.

You are now drinking whole milk along with still being breastfeed! ( I can tell you that making that milestone is AMAZING! No formula and bottles I am pretty proud of myself! TYVM!)

You are in to everything!

You wear 6-9 and 9-12 clothes

You talk and scream all the time (you sound like you are speaking Chinese sometimes)

You can now climb on to the couch all by yourself!

I gave up on caging you in and put safety covers on all of the outlets and you have been great about not climbing in to the fire place!

You no longer wake up at night to nurse!

You now dance and it cracks me up!

You flirt with everyone and smile at any one who talks to you!

You played in the snow for the first time yesterday! (you liked it alright but you just sat in it and ate it)

You try to drink out of our cups all the time...

You have gone potty in the big potty 3 times! ( we only try when she is getting ready to go to the tub and she is already naked!)

You do know when you are going potty and if asked if you are you say yes... oh my silly little girl!

We love you so much Adlie!

Sorry all of the pictures are on the top of the post my hubby's computer is acting weird and wont let me edit to move them!
And if you want to read Adlie's birth story you can by clicking on it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(we are preparing for 6 inches of snow tonight! I cant wait to see her really in the snow! maybe next week!)
be back soon (pinkie promise!!)