Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another snapshot in my mind...

Last night we tried to get Adlie to sleep in her own bed but that didn't work well at all... late last night I found myself with Adlie in my arms cuddling like so many times in the early days of her life. I laid there with her snuggled in my arms her head resting just under my chin. I could hear the fan and the quiet jingle of Sally's collar I could smell the faint smell of blueberries from the new candle I had lit in the living room earlier. I just looked down at her and though to my self *Snap* I want to remember this forever. One day she will be to big to have mommy hold her and kiss her soft sweet smelling head. One day she will not want me to cuddle her to sleep. But for last night and for any night from here on out I will cuddle her and love on her like it is the last night she will let me and I will do my best to remember what a treasure she is and how truly blessed we are to be able to be her parents.

Mama loves you baby girl!

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  1. You made me cry! I think of the same things when Daisy wakes up at night and wants to nurse! Even though I am missing out on sleep it is such special bonding time with my baby! They grow up too fast and it gets harder to hold them!

  2. Hi again! I am awarding you with a blog award today (if the babies stay asleep).

  3. You made me think of the days my babies were still small enough to do this. I miss those days.