Friday, January 8, 2010

Adlie is 1!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!! My sweet girl is 1! It came up so fast I feel like I missed it! I so wanted to post her birth story and then post this post but time has slipped away from me. Adlie is 1! She is such a joy and is so fun! Here is what she is up to right now.

You are29 1/2 inches Long!

You weigh 19 lbs and 4 oz!

You are eating all table food.

You are now drinking whole milk along with still being breastfeed! ( I can tell you that making that milestone is AMAZING! No formula and bottles I am pretty proud of myself! TYVM!)

You are in to everything!

You wear 6-9 and 9-12 clothes

You talk and scream all the time (you sound like you are speaking Chinese sometimes)

You can now climb on to the couch all by yourself!

I gave up on caging you in and put safety covers on all of the outlets and you have been great about not climbing in to the fire place!

You no longer wake up at night to nurse!

You now dance and it cracks me up!

You flirt with everyone and smile at any one who talks to you!

You played in the snow for the first time yesterday! (you liked it alright but you just sat in it and ate it)

You try to drink out of our cups all the time...

You have gone potty in the big potty 3 times! ( we only try when she is getting ready to go to the tub and she is already naked!)

You do know when you are going potty and if asked if you are you say yes... oh my silly little girl!

We love you so much Adlie!

Sorry all of the pictures are on the top of the post my hubby's computer is acting weird and wont let me edit to move them!
And if you want to read Adlie's birth story you can by clicking on it!

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  1. Happy Birthday Adlie!
    She is so darling! I love the picture of her sitting in the snow!
    Way to go on the nursing!!! I love that we have never had to buy formula. It is such a huge accomplishment. WooHoo you!
    And you have to be joking that Adlie has gone on the potty. That is amazing!!