Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adlie's Birth Story...

Well now that Adlie is 6 months old I thought I would go ahead and share the day she graced us with her sweet little self!
This is my belly in December 26Th!!

The day is December 26th and I was up all night(not in labor but spending time with my sister in law)I had a non-stress test in the morning that we were heading to then coming home showering and taking our tree down then when Matt came home Katy him and I were off to spend our Christmas money! Well That was the plan at least! It was a rainy stormy (which is weird because we live in INDIANA!!!)day. We got to the Dr's office and in to the NST room and I got strapped in and Adlie was just not reacting like she normally did and it made our Tech worry enough to get my Dr and they decided I needed to have a Biophysical Ultrasound to make sure Adlie was OK. She was in fact sleeping soundly while sucking on the back of her hand. Then they had my Dr check me and she decided from the NST (Adlie had a lower than normal heart rate) The Biophysical Ultrasound (she got all the markers but the one big movement the tech needed) and after being checked by my Dr that was going to be the day to have our baby! I was excited and nervous ( i was so freaked out about her heart rate being low ) They sent us home told us to make our phone calls and get our stuff have a light lunch and come in to the hospital and they would start the induction.So we made our calls to those who needed to come and off to the house to finish packing ,lunch and then to the hospital! I was so anxious but so hungry so we went to Panera and of course had Broccoli and cheese soup!(I wish they tell you to eat a lot because you aren't able to eat again until after the baby comes!) After lunch it started poring and we were off to the hospital once there(about 12:30pm) I was given cervidel (in pill form) and had all my iv's started. They also hooked me up to the heart and contraction monitors. My nurse came in and asked later why I was being induced and I told her it was because her heart rate was low and she was not moving like they wanted her to ( she had in that time woken up and was back to her old self again we think she was just really ready to meet her mommy and daddy!) They kept checking on me and let things just go as they needed. Later in the evening they decided to start my pitocen drip. Matt and Katy left to go get themselves some dinner and my mom and Fred and Danielle were on their way down . I was at the time reading the last Twilight book and was updating myspace and facebook often. Once Matt and Katy got back they played the Wii and i talked on the phone to some friends. My mom and family arrived and we waited some more. at around 2am i rolled over then Adlie kicked me hard and I heard a pop and my water had broken (waking everyone in the quiet room!) Danielle was laying on the floor sat up and asked if everything was OK because she herd my water break. I got up out of bed to let the nurse change the sheets and let me change my gown and I started shaking (I was not prepared to shake so much) Once back in bed the contractions were much harder but I was NOT going to have an epidural! At around 4am the nurse checked me and i was around 5 1/2 and I decided I would like some newbane which helped me sleep for a while (around that time my Mom and family had to leave because my mom had to work that morning. I was checked about every hour from about 6am making slow progress but progress none the less. ( Adlie was taking her time if you cant tell!) At around 10:45 I called the nurse to let her know I was feeling some more pressure and would like her to check me again. When she checked me I was at 9! I got up to potty then back to bed to wait but we didn't have to wait long I started feeling like I needed to push so I called her back in and in came Dr. Johnson and she said We are Ready for this baby!! They had me do few small pushes while they set up and then around 11:20 they had me start pushing after about 4 pushes Adlie was here!!! They handed her right to me and I was so in love with her. I think my first words were oh my goodness look at her cheeks! They then took her and weighed her and measured her and she was quickly returned to my arms where we snuggled and I ate White Castle. Adlie was born at 11:48am on Saturday December 27Th 2008 weighing in at 6lbs 4oz and 19 in long!

Adlie and I after moving up to our post partum room.

Our Sweet little girl!!

So there we have it y'all Adlie's birth story! She is such a blessing to us and we are so happy she is here with us!

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