Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few thing..

Big Big news! Adlie has her first tooth! It started coming out this week and she has been so cranky and just yucky feeling but now that it has come out she is much better! (once it is out more I will take a picture of it! I cant believe my baby is big enough to get teeth!)Adlie has been holding her mouth funny either with her tongue on her tooth or sucking on her lip lately!
This is Adlie's new best friend we put a little crushed ice or a wash cloth or an ice cube in this and let her chew on it and make an amazing mess!( right now with her being EBF she has yet to start solids so she wont take a bottle or pacifier so i was really surprised she would take to this mesh feeder like she did but man does it make a difference!)

I was so excited that my girl has just enough hair that i can put a bow in it with out a headband now!

How stinking cute is she!These are for our upcoming trip to Florida in July!

Please pray for us on Sunday as we make the bid on a house. We feel God has closed a lot of the other options and lead us to this house for a reason and we would like to have you just pray that we get the house!( We will know on Monday afternoon if we got it)Once we know if we have the house I will be happy to post pictures of it (the interior is in much need of Paint so you will get to see us transform it in to our home! You will understand what I mean if and when I post the photos)

Also I just finished Katy's (Matt's Sister) Gift for her Graduation! Her and I have been talking about ways to dress up the walls in her room and she had mentioned how she would like to do some wood letters for the wall and well as crafty as I am I made them my self and I have to admit I really like them and I think I am going to have to make Adlie some for her room ( I already have them in my head I'm going to do them brown with the crackle and an off white so they look really distressed)

We happen to have some guests this weekend! (its interesting to have 4 *and 1/2* extra bodies in our tiny one bedroom apartment) My sister Darci (the one who is pregnant and due in August) her husband Tim and their little boy Braxten and my youngest sister Danielle all came down Thursday night to visit for the weekend while Tim is training for a new position for his job! (having this many people in our place makes me just that much more excited about this new house and how nice the space will be)

Here is my youngest sister and Adlie having some play time! Adlie LOVES her Auntie Danielle!
Here is Mr.Braxten loving on (and pulling and laying and sitting on)Sally (she didn't seem to mind she kept coming back to him) Poor Braxten though as much as he loves the kitties he has cat allergies and had to take some medication after being so friendly with them.
And the last thing I am going to address is something I have been trying to keep away from but I need to address it because I supported it on my own blog and I did remove the post and I just want to say We as a blogging community have been rocked to the core over this April Rose situation. It is a sad situation where I even wanted to stop blogging and stop reading them as well. After praying and spending some time away from the blogging world I have decided that "B" still needs us to pray for her but in a different way. I also have decided that As disillusioned as this made me feel there were others who were so much more affected and they carry on and well so must I. Please keep praying for B she needs it very much and please don't let this stop you from praying and supporting other people who really need it. With this little blurb I will leave it at this Yes I prayed for "B" yes I hoped that it was not a fake and yes I was very sad and felt wronged by how it played out but I Will keep praying for her and I will keep blogging and I will keep supporting others who blog!( Please leave your comments to your self on this situation)

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