Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post # 30 and 30 random questions.....

1)What is your occupation? I am a Mommy and a Wife first and for most and I am a Nanny

2)What colour are your socks now? Socks! What are those?! really i never wear socks lol

3)What are you listening to now? The silence of my home at 6am after a rough night of fussy baby!

4)What was the last thing you ate? Ice cream

5)Can you drive a stick shift? nope

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?Darci

7)Do you have to sleep in specific conditions? Yes i have to have my own blanket with my feet sticking out with the fan on and the TV on but no sound.

8)How old are you today? I am 24 years old 5 months and 10 days old!

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?none sports aren't my thing!

10)What are your favourite drinks?Sonic Cherry Lime aide mmmmm

11)Have you ever dyed your hair?yep (red and black)

12)Favourite food?Mexican nom nom nom

13)Last movie watched?The princess bride

14)Favourite day of the year?I love new years day

15)How do you vent out your anger?I don't get to angry but normally i talk to Matt about it

16)Favourite toy as a child? $5 barbies and balloons and aluminum foil ( balloons and foil made great barbie clothes )

17)Favourite season? Fall or Winter

18)Do you want your friends to email you?Not really text me twitter me but email takes to long!

19)When was the last time you cried? a few days ago

20)What is on the floor of your closet? Clothes and shoes and some boxes full of Matt's stuff

21)Who is the friend you have had the longest? Other than my sisters it would be Matt

22)What did you do last night? Spent it with Adlie in my arms (booo for teething)

23)What are you most afraid of? Spiders!

24)Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger? Swiss cheese and mushrooms nom nom nom

25)Favourite dog breed? Westie! (but I'm not a dog person)

26)Favorite day of the week? The one where Matt has off

27)How many states have you lived in? 2 (Texas and Indiana)

28)Diamond or pearl? I like pearls better but what girl would turn down a Diamond!

29)What is your wish for this new year? A happy healthy baby

30)New year resolutions? I was to busy being AMAZED by my beautiful new born daughter to realize the new year had come and gone

well there you have it a totally pointless post with some random questions to celebrate my 30Th blog! I will blog more tomorrow once we know about the house Please keep us in your thoughts and pray for us we really like this house and want to make it our home!
Oh and here is my little lady sporting her Tutu (I think the time is quickly coming where a new tutu is due)


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