Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Forgotten

Today was a cold yucky rainy day and sometimes it tends to make you feel just yucky too. I woke up today and just kept thinking about a dear friend of mine. (I'm going to keep her name out of this just for her privacy and will just simply refer to her as K) She and I went to school together but we were not friends until recently. I wish we had become friends on different circumstances but I believe God has a reason for every thing and at that point in my life we had lost 2 babies and I was now pregnant with Adlie . I was asking God why did I have to have this pain what was he trying to teach me...He was trying to show that he had a plan for my pain, K was also pregnant and lost her sweet little one in October and when I read about it I cried it made me think of our other babies and how hard it was to talk to people who had never been in that situation. I simply did just what I wish someone had done for me just be there when they needed me listen, support, and above all love. It is coming up on the 6 month mark for them and our friendship has grown and I truly love K and her husband like we had been friends for years. I want her to know that I am truly honored to be her friend and that their sweet little one will not be forgotten. K if you do read this I am so glad we are friends and I love you and am always here for you when ever you may need me.



  1. Life is full of so many sad moments...I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight and will be back to read more...Hope you will visit me...I am a new blogger and have lots to learn.

  2. Sarah--so glad you found me too! I have walked this road, and it is so, so difficult. It's so great that you are offering a shoulder of support--I didn't really have a lot of that, and I believe it makes a big difference. Anyway, I look forward to having a new friend! :-)