Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

This is Adlie Easter morning with her bloomers and pretty socks on and bunny buddy! Adlie and Braxten Easter morning.Maddux is the bunny now!

Maddux loves to clap!I absolutely love this picture of Braxten and Adlie his face is priceless!Sweet little boys in their suits!Adlie in the willow tree.It looks like Maddux and Adlie are talking about her dress.Cousins.Our family (I think this may be the first picture of us all together)
Easter dinner always is ham,mashed potatoes,yams,green beans,deviled eggs,and rolls!YUMO!!! This little lady had her fill (she tried mashed potatoes for the first time! she spit them right out too)

This was Adlie's first Easter! It was beautiful warm and sunny with a light breeze. We ate tons of food drank way to much Jones soda (yumo)! Played rummy and wii and just enjoyed our time with family and loved watching the little ones play!

Sorry this post is PICTURE HEAVY!!! But the little ones looked way way to cute to pass up!

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  1. Such cute photos! I love that little bunny hat!