Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way Back Whensday

OK so I know I am late with this post but I think better late than never oh and I did do my Wordless Wednsday post earlier so that should count for something!

This is me in June of 1985 at 6 months old!

This is the Hubs in November of 1983 at 8 months old!

And This little beauty is 4 months old on Friday.
She is a pretty good mix of mommy and daddy but looks a lot like her daddy sometimes!
There you have it folks my first Way Back Whensday Post!! Wooo Hooo for me!!!


  1. Cute, Sarah! Welcome to Way Back Whensday!

  2. (That was me - Raechel from Finding My Feet - it made me comment as a guest...) :)