Friday, April 17, 2009

Recession Fashion - Shoe Edition!!!!

No really I do and I know being short I should really love heels ( I so don't) I love flats and living in Indiana I know I'm rather crazy but I LOVE me some flip-flops No they are not year round shoes (confession) I wear them all the time oh and while we are at it I own 2 pair of crocs (yes they are ugly but comfort is #1 in my book) So okay this post is again Recession Fashion so every thing is under $30!!!!
Okay, Okay ,Okay I know I said I don't do heels but I love these! How cute would these be with a white eyelet sun dress! So now the goods.... these are from Target! These are the Wendi platform slide sandal by Mossimo for $22.99!

Again yes these are rather high for me but they are a wedge so less dangerous then the heels in my book! and really a cute pair of espadrilles should be a must own! To make these even better they are eco-friendly! Zoe & Zac Tigerlily Espadrille $26.99 at Payless!(they come in brown shown and purple)

These are a little on the expensive side but they are cute none the less! Sunny feet sparkling flip-flop at Target for $24.99! They come in white,yellow,red,and black!

Lets talk about comfort! Oh and so cute! What these are Eco-friendly!Amazing! Zoe &Zac Lotus oxford $29.99 at payless. Comes in black or white!

These bejeweled beauties are the Pilar flat $24.99 from Target!

The Perez Shine flat from Forever 21 $8.50 come in black,grey,and red!

I'm not sure if I am going to jump on the Gladiator band wagon just ,but if I do these will be the ones I will have to have! Remember though when it comes to trends don't go over bored with paying to much. which is why I like these from Target $19.99!!(Mossimo Pauline gladiator)

These are the Fab strappy sandal from Forever 21 $7.50! I love these simple but so cute!

I found these funky little things at made by Draven for$30!

Again another fun pair from Draven at for $28! Super cute with the sparrows on them!

These are another pair form Zoe & Zac for Payless! The Daisy frayed skimmer comes in red (shown), Blue, and Camo for $19.99!
Okay So that ends my shoe edition! Shoes are fun and can be just the thing to make your look so have fun with it and remember to do some looking around you may end up saving a ton by clicking on a few sites!


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