Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Vacation Vacation

I know I said I was going to post this a week ago but well I have been busy but hey better late then never! Enjoy!

Sleeping baby at the airport.

Standing in the seat looking out the window at the Atlanta airport.

Katy napping on the plane

Adlie and daddy playing at Aunt Sherrie's house.

Daddy napping on the way to Englewood.

Sunset in Englewood...

Sunset through Sea oats.

Daddy fishing at the beach.

Adlie chewing on her mesh feeder at the pool.

Sleeping after a long long day at the pool and beach.

Meet our feet! Thanks to Raechel ( for the idea for this picture.

Our little family!

Holy sea turtle! I was less than a foot from her and man she was amazing to see!!!
There was a storm coming in and it was sunset I think this is a pretty picture.

Adlie sat in a high chair at dinner and really liked playing while we ate our dinner!

Adlie love the pool!

She didn't seem to like the beach much until mid week but then she loved it and even got excited when the waves would come in.

Isn't she cute in her sunglasses and sun hat!
Mama and my girl on the 4th of July!

My little beach baby!

My dear hubby can really catch a moment can't he! ( Love this picture of me and my girl!)

This was early in the week and well like I said she didn't like this much. (we think it was because it was pretty loud)

A perfect picture of my girl and her daddy!

the view from the pool. (ah look at that blue sky)
Ok so I know this has tons of pictures and really I think this is where I am going to leave the information from our vacation. I will just say that Vacation was nice for the most part but we will not be going again for a while because its a bit hard to do things with a 6 month old. Also we will not be doing a family vacation with anyone again. If and when we do a vacation it will be just Matt, myself and our kid (or kidos at some point). All in all it was nice for a while but I was more that happy to return home to my bed!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cute foot picture!! Thanks for the heads up!! :) Glad you had a nice vacation - I want to go to the beach now!