Monday, July 20, 2009

Niles family reunion

Well y'all my mom's family had there reunion this weekend so Adlie and I headed home to go! We had a lot of fun and even went to see Harry Potter! I am going to post pictures for you to see some of my family! and the cutest video of my girl laughing like crazy with her Aunt Darci (Adlie LOVES her)

Adlie meeting my Uncle Jerry for the first time!

My uncle Jerry's wife Jodie with Adlie! Adlie liked her a lot! and well for the record so did I (Jodie I was so glad to meet you!!!!)

Isn't my nephew Maddux absolutely adorable! ( I think so!)

Dax! (my uncle Jerry and Jodie's dog! he is in Adlie's diaper bag)

FEET! (my cousin Kari and mine! Eek mine are rather dirty!)

Darci and baby #2 due in a few weeks! I am hoping they are joining team pink!)

Maddux decided to play corn hole his own way and well he got stuck but not before we took the time to take pictures of him!

These boys ah I could eat them up! (Braxten and Maddux)

Maddux on the tractor. ( He felt right at home on the farm he even rode a horse and pet a cow!!!)

Danielle my youngest (16) sister ( in blue) and Kari our cousin! (Danielle carried her around because Kari broke her ankle at church camp a few weeks back)

Darci was the first one to get Adlie to laugh and Adlie just loves her Aunt Darci!! (if you know any way of getting this video to flip let me know)
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