Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show us your life...Wedding party and Flowers

Well y'all it's Friday and you know that means Kelly is doing her Show us your life!!! This week is show us your wedding party and flowers... To see more of these pictures head on over to Kelly's blog ( but for now here are my favorite pictures from our wedding!

Here is a quick run down... my bridal party was my friend Mary as my maid of honor and my friend Taylor who was also other maid of honor then Matt's sisters Taylor and Katy were bridesmaids. As for Matt's groomsmen Zach and Mitch were the best men and Isaiah and my dear friend Luke rounded the men out. For the flower girls Jenna Matt's sweet cousin and to lovely girls Makenna and Madison from our church and our ring barer was Matt's cousin Alan.
My sister Darci and her boyfriend(now husband)Tim were the Ushers. My friend Kristin's Dad Mike walked me down the aisle. Our photographer was a very sweet friend from church and our pastor who married us was a visiting pastor (my church pastor was out of town). For flowers we had pink and white roses wrapped with white, grey, and pink ribbon. The girls all had a charm on their flowers that said a special saying.( I made all the flowers for the wedding party Yeah I was nutty but it saved us a ton and they looked pretty)

Here are the Men of the wedding party... Matt (my hubby) Zack, Mitch, Isaiah, and Luke with our ring bearer Alan..
Here I am with our flower girls Jenna(in pink) and Makenna and Madison...

This is one of my favorite pictures this is Matt's sister Katy....

Sigh we really liked each other *grin*

Our wedding party the girls Katy Taylor Taylor Mary Me Matt Zach Mitch and the kiddos Makenna Alan Madison and Jenna... *missing Isaiah and Luke*

* we also for some reason never got a picture of me and just the girls*

This is Mary (my maid of honor) and I (I love this picture)

*this picture is blurry sorry* This is Marcia she and I worked together and became good friends she was sweet enough to play for us!

Here I am with My friend Kristin's dad who was sweet enough to walk me down the aisle! (for those of you who don't know my father died when I was 8 and my friend Kristin was an only child and died while we were in high school and I wanted him to walk me down the aisle as a tribute to her and my father and I loved him for doing this for me)

Saying our vows... We both wrote our own which was very sweet (we still have them too)

We instead of lighting a unity candle we did a Jewish tradition and mixed sand.... an looking at that picture I can still hear Josh Grobans song When you say you love me playing softly....

Our first kiss as husband an Wife...

This is a family tradition... we want to honor our family and friends who are unable to be with us on our wedding day and so we have special people light a candle for them as the ceremony starts...the dark candle was lit at my sisters wedding for our dad and it was also lit at mine (my three sisters lit it) and the pink one was for Kristin and the flowers were also there for Kristin (her mom lit the candle and we took the flowers to the cemetery the next day for Kristin *it also happened to be Kristin's birthday that following day)

This last picture is of our wish tree... It was planted out at my grandparents house but the tree has every one's wishes for our marriage on it ( I have all of them in a book now so we can look back on them)

Well there you have it our wedding. I can't believe it has been almost 5 years. I love him even more than I did the day we said I do.

So now that you have seen my wedding head on over to Kelly's blog and see some more!

Thanks for stopping by!

*sorry the pictures are dark I had to take pictures of the pictures because my computer doesn't have a scanner linked to it!*

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