Thursday, July 16, 2009

Childrens parties!

Ok yes I know Adlie is just shy of 7 months old as I type this. But I am a planner and I have had this in my head for a while now! of 3 things I'm sure. A) Adlie will be having a Tea party for her first birthday B) We will have tea sandwiches and Petite Fours for cake ( I think Adlie will have a larger one for her to smash on her own) C) I will be going all over looking for pretty china to go with this theme! And well there are the things I'm not so sure about.... what will she be wearing!!! I love the pillow case dresses and I love tutus I have not fully decided but Daddy thinks the pillow case dresses are very cute and he is thinking that would look cuter. So what I may do is have some pictures done in a cute tutu and matching shirt with a number 1 on it in fun bright colors and then do a pretty pillowcase dress with her name on it. The other thing I am mulling over is invitations. Should I do one with her picture (most likely) or do one that i buy from a store? ( am I going to be able to find some I like at that time of the year?) I am also trying to decide if I want her to have a bow or a hat... maybe both. I know I am nutty but I started thinking about this in late March. Here are a few ideas (no there not made by me they are google pictures)

I love the way the sandwiches are in different shapes. What kinds should I make? (tuna fish, egg salad, turkey ,ham, chicken salad any others?)
I saw Martha Stewart make these with pre made pound cake and then glazed them it looked pretty easy. I may attempt them soon and try it with fondant.
Ok so do any of you have any suggestions on what to do for a favor? leave me a comment if you have any ideas.
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