Friday, October 30, 2009

We Won!

Do you all remember when I blogged about a giveaway on Jen's blog? Well if not go here! We won and on Wednesday we got a package from Celeste and Co.! I opened the box and was so so excited to put Adlie in her new red sequined flower headband! She looks so cute in it and the best part is the flower is removable so she can wear just the flower (which does stay in her hair even though she doesn't have that much of it! I already told Matt that I need to make an order in a few weeks to fill Adlie's stocking for Christmas and get a few for Mieka (my niece).
I love this picture she was not happy while I tried to take her picture!
So I gave her marshmallows to get a few good pictures
(see she has very little hair but this sticks and stays in. We went shopping and to Lowes and it stayed in her hair the entire time!)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yay! Congrats!
    Really cut headband! Cuter Adlie!!
    Did you say the flower "sticks" in her hair? I am often tempted to glue bows or flowers in Daisy's hair. I used to use karo syrup to glue bows in Lily's hair.

  2. walking at the door for a long day...but will give you some hep tonight....I have an idea.....


  3. Send me your email address......send to
    so we can talk about it thru email......I know an inexpensive way to give you a new look....