Wednesday, October 14, 2009

100 random things for my 100th post!

  1. I started blogging Feb 17th

  2. I bite my finger nails

  3. I love to cook

  4. I sometimes forget to brush my hair

  5. I make bows

  6. I taught myself to sew

  7. I can cross stitch

  8. I am teaching myself how to applique

  9. I love snow

  10. I love pumpkin pie

  11. I would rather eat cool whip than ice cream sometimes

  12. I love to read

  13. my favorite books are Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, The Harry Potter books, The Twilight series and the Bible

  14. I was baptized on an Easter Sunday

  15. I have a box of china dolls

  16. I HATE wearing socks!

  17. I love Old Navy

  18. I wear Crocs

  19. I still have my first pair of AirWalks (before they cost $20!)

  20. I was Vice President of my Sophamore class

  21. I had a cat named Sniffels

  22. I like peanut butter on my pancakes

  23. I don't eat to much red meat

  24. I wrote my own Vows for our wedding

  25. I have lamb slippers

  26. I drink to much soda

  27. I love hot tea

  28. I spend my money on ribbon , Adlie,and our house

  29. I love Zombie movies

  30. One of my favorite movies is What about Bob

  31. I love Christmas

  32. I don't like real Christmas trees

  33. I love video games

  34. I forget to charge my cell phone ALOT

  35. I love real mashed potatoes

  36. Dove Chocolate is my favorite

  37. I had an all natural child birth

  38. I was attacked by a ferral cat

  39. I have 3 fake teeth!

  40. I dont wear my wedding ring all the time

  41. I love hot baths

  42. I don't drive

  43. I hate being cold

  44. I love the food network

  45. I love ghost hunters

  46. I had a crush on Chris Katan

  47. I play left 4 dead

  48. I like to bake

  49. I try to be organized

  50. I wear my jeans at least 2 times before they get washed (unless it rained that day then the hem is wet so they have to get washed)

  51. I love the smell of all fall / Christmas sented candles *accept evergreen!*

  52. I love Chi lattes

  53. I love burbon chicken

  54. I do not share my blankets with Matt at night

  55. I have pink pillows

  56. I have tattoos

  57. I went to school for Interior design

  58. I plan to Breast-feed Adlie until she is 1

  59. I love Chicago

  60. I dont care for big dogs

  61. I like making pizza

  62. I don't like blood

  63. won't drink soy milk

  64. loves tuna and chicken salad

  65. I like my feet

  66. I love the color pink

  67. I always wear a tanktop under my shirts

  68. I don't like to wear dresses

  69. I don't like shorts either

  70. I read pretty fast

  71. I don't have a home phone

  72. I love pumpkin seeds

  73. I have never broken a bone

  74. I love Pannera bread

  75. I watch the disney channel

  76. I love Dr. Pepper

  77. I love EOS lip balm

  78. I don't wear make up

  79. I sleep on my tummy

  80. I love green beans

  81. I love shoes but don't buy them because I won't wear them

  82. I always sit in the middle of the couch

  83. I like Heath Ledger

  84. I love buffalo Wings

  85. I always have my camera

  86. I want a water birth with our next baby

  87. I love wearing Adlie in my wrap

  88. I can't wait to have a vegie garden

  89. I love our new home

  90. I can't wait to start painting

  91. I let Matt have one of the extra rooms for his video games (just so I dont have to hear them)

  92. I want to make my own Christmas tree skirt

  93. I can't wait to start family traditions for Christmas with Adlie

  94. I don't like fresh flowers

  95. I am afraid of Ostriches

  96. I like cleaning the carpet

  97. I don't like watching the news

  98. I LOVE pumpkin ice cream

  99. I have insomnia

  100. I cannot believe I came up with 100 random things!!!

Well There you have it Y'all 100 random things! And my 100th post!!!!! And here is a cute picture of Adlie eating her foot!(more randomness)

Thanks for Stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on 100 posts!!!
    I LOVED your 100 random items! Such a great idea!
    You've done a lot of blogging since Feb.
    I cross-stitched my husband's and my kids' xmas stockings. I haven't finished Daisy's yet!
    I don't like socks either.
    Although I do not, my family loves pnut butter on pancakes.
    I really love xmas and we have a fake tree.
    Way to go on natural child-birth! I was not that strong, and then I had 2 c-sections!
    You don't drive? At all?
    I breast-fed all my babes and started weaning when they turned 1.
    My husband is from Chicago.
    I LOVE Dr. Pepper!!!