Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday Mugs- Winter...

Living in Indiana winter means snow and cold. and when I say snow I mean SNOW and oh its BEAUTIFUL!!! (with the exception of the fact that I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and well I'm not so graceful with this big belly!) We got about 3 inches tonight so here are some pictures of that!

Oh I got a new camera for when Alastor gets here and had to try the panoramic thing this is the view from our front door....

Snow on the back deck

View from our back yard

Adlie telling her daddy all about the snow (yeah she is wearing sponge bob jammies she loves him eek)

This was a few days ago but we had about 3 inches then and the wind was blowing so much and pushing all the snow up against our house and this is what it looked like when I opened the door... looks pretty haha ( I can't wait until spring to paint that front door... which means painting all the outdoor trim and the garage door too but I think we are doing Cranberry on the door and brown for the trim and garage door..)

If you would like to join in the fun of Monday Mugs head over to Heather's blog and have fun!

I also forgot when it looks like that outside we are sitting in front of this.....

Yes there is stuff in all the stockings haha and yes if you count there are 6 from left to right Daisy(the cat hers is full of toys and treats!) Matt,Mine, Adlie, Alastor,and Matt's dad has a stocking too... Our tree is also stuffed full of stuff We aren't sure if we will do the whole Santa thing or not we may do him on a small scale because we want Adlie to know Christmas is about Jesus which she is learning this year thanks to my nativity she carrys around Mary and Jesus and it is so sweet to hear her say Mama where is Mary? Any ways I hope you all enjoyed the peek at Winter Here in our house!

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  1. Oh the snow is so beautiful! I am DREAMING of a white Christmas! DREAMING is the key word! Your fireplace is so cute and festive. I wish we had one of those too! LOL
    THanks for linking up and Merry Christmas!!!