Monday, December 13, 2010

Adlie is (ALMOST!)2!!!

Adlie went today for her 2 year well baby check. She is getting so big I can't believe 2 years ago I was this pregnant with her! She weighs 25 lbs and is 32 in tall .... (35% for both she has always been on the smaller side) She eats anything and everything but meat....(chicken and sausage are the exceptions here) She LOVES yogart and any fruit or veggie she can get her hands on! She STILL does not sleep through the night most of the time.... She Loves Mickey Mouse and Spongebob (where did that one come from?!?) She loves shoes she spends alot of time clacking around our house wearing my heels (she walks better in them than I do lol) She is so into the whole dress up and play house thing she likes to wear her tutus and my heels and a play apron and make coffee in her play kitchen! She is also starting to want to feed her toys (right now she uses a bottle with them but I have a feeling once Alastor gets here she will start copying me and try breastfeeding her toys) She talks all the time yep even in her sleep... last night she was laughing and talking about Mickey in her sleep which made me laugh too!One of the new things she does is goes to Matt and asks to hold his hand and then leads him to her room to watch a movie or play with her toys she is such a daddy's girl lately (Fingers crossed this makes for little to no issues with jealosey). I have been planning her 2nd birthday party since October and had decided on a Hello Kitty party (she loves her) but a few days ago I was getting ready to order her plates and cups for her party and she saw the Minnie Mouse ones and well now we are having a Minnie Mouse party! and now I have some more work to do! What ever baby wants baby gets I guess haha. Well for the past 2 days I have tried to upload new pictures of Adlie and it just isnt working... but here is the post about her I will try tomorrow to get the pictures up for you all.

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