Monday, December 6, 2010

36 weeks!

Seriously this pregnancy has been easy and gone by so fast (other than my hips lower back hurting all the time) ( also I am 36 weeks 4 days to be exact...) I go back to the dr on Thursday for a weekly check. We have set a date to meet Alastor if he doesn't come before then but it just so happens to be the same day I was induced with Adlie nearly 2 years ago... OMG my little girl is 21 days away from being 2! Y'all she is SO much fun she cracks me up every day and I can't wait to see her sweet little face when she meets her brother for the first time. I have Alastor's bag packed and I can probably be packed in a matter of a few moments if the time comes... For some reason I have this feeling that he will come on the 21st. That date will be 6 months from the day Matt's sister passed away after being in a car accident. It also happens to be a full moon. We will see Matt is hoping more for the 16th its so funny he is so ready to meet him that he even has Adlie pointing at my belly saying brother get out! We have almost finished Christmas shopping I have to just finish getting stuff for Matt's stocking and for his dad's stocking (we are going to have him over Christmas morning and have lots of stuff for him here so he feels like its Christmas instead of him at a empty house) I am finished for a while with bows which has been nice I have not made one bow it over a week! and I truly think my hands are thanking me!! I got a new camera because Adlie dropped mine on the hard wood floors a few months back and it just kept shaking and it got to the point it would not even shoot any more. I got the same thing I had before just the newer one with 14.1 mega pixels! I see a big difference from my 10.1! I don't know if I posted about William (the cat) or not but now we have a new kitty Daisy (Adlie named her) as you can tell our house and life is BUSY I will post again Thursday with baby updates and new pictures.


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  1. Hi!!!!
    I can't believe is already time for Alastor to make his big debut. And too funny that he might come on Adlie's birthday! Can't wait to hear more updates!