Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Mugs-Play

Here is our mindless Monday post thanks to Heather! Head over to her blog to join in on the fun!

This week the theme is play here are a few pictures of Adlie playing....

A very little Adlie playing in her jump-aroo....(she had just learned how to stick her tongue out!)
Adlie LOVES dogs (the bigger the better!) this is from Maddux's birthday....

Playing ball at Grammys house

Adlie loves to play doll house

She was SO excited to get this big doll house given to her!
So there were some pictures of Adlie playing! I hope you hop to Heather's blog and join in the fun!


  1. I love all of your play pictures!!!

  2. Oh Sarah! Adlie is so darling! I love the pic with her tongue sticking out and she looks like a little grown-up diva in the shot with the sunglasses!