Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adlie is 13 months old!

Oh how I wish I was posting cute pictures of Adlie today but she has been a drooling snotty nosed fussy mess! She is currently cutting 4 (maybe more) teeth! That will up her tooth count to 12...

She is pretty much running!

She is still nursing 3-4 times a day but not in the middle of the night!

She is wearing size 3 diapers

She is in size 9-12 months they are a bit big but oh well

She has moved in to her brand new big girl car seat! and she loves it!

She learned to say no and shakes her head no too which is funny

She also says Tickle tickle tickle (she uses this also to call the cats)

She drinks a lot of whole milk and that was a pretty easy transition

She weighs 20lbs 10 oz (when we went for a weight check at the end of January)

She takes 1 nap a day

She loves Ice lately if I have some in a cup she will whine until i give her some

She loves playing in the kitchen caring bottles or cans of food around...(remind me to show you our new kitchen floor and paint job!)

She loves snacks! She loves the Gerber cereal bars and the fruit leather

She plays very well alone most of the time and loves to cuddle and is for the most part a happy baby!

*She did hit her head on the fire place last Friday and gave me a good scare! I really thought we were going to have to go to the hospital thank goodness I got her cleaned up and realized she had a very small cut on her forehead which stopped bleeding after a few moments!*

I will try my hardest to shoot a few pictures of her when she is in better spirits!( Ok so this one is from a few days ago but notice the red cheeks yep she is teething! Oh and yes she has some ice!)



  1. Sounds like she is growing like a weed. Hate that about the teething. I know it is hard. Blaze has that same high

  2. Poor Adlie! I thought 12 sounded like A LOT of teeth but then I counted up Daisy's and she has 12 too. She's cutting her vampire teeth right now!
    Yay for sleeping through the night! Daisy JUST barely started doing that!
    Adlie and Daisy are the same size!
    I hope the teething isn't too rough on the cute girl!!
    Have a great weekend!