Friday, December 4, 2009

Show us your life.... Christmas Tree

Its Friday and that means Show us your life over at Kelly's blog! And as you can see from the title its Christmas Tree time!!!! Our tree has been up for well over a month! (It was naked of ornaments until last week) We had to train our new little kitten to stay out of the tree and I didn't want broken ornaments! Yes I caught William in the tree several times... Many of those times he was all the way at the top!!!! As seen below!

Our tree this year is full of many handmade ornaments. Most of them made by my Grandma Niles... Here are a few from the previous years... She make us new ones new ones every year!
Here are a select few of our other ornaments on our tree... The first was Adlie's very first ornament! (I still need to get her babies first Christmas ornament!) The next is our first Christmas ornaments then a few others including one from Holland given to me by one of my preschoolers a few years ago!
And Last but not least some decorations and our TREE!!!!! As you can see our cats think the tree is the best place to sleep! If you look closely you can also see that our angel has a guitar! (that was Matt's doing!) Oh and there are a few shots of our mantle and of my VERY favorite nativity scene.

So now that you have seen our tree head over to Kelly's blog and take a look at a few more! It truly puts you in the mood for Christmas!!!!

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  1. What a fun tree! I LOVE those ornaments. So cool that they are handmade! I especially like the kitty decoration. Man I wish we could have an orange kitty!