Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Welcome to The Merritt Family blog! Its Monday and that means MckMamais doing her NMM post! Head over to her blog and read what she and everyone else has NOT been doing!

This week I did NOT catch William in our Christmas tree!And I did NOT take pictures!

I also did NOT make Adlie some cute "party panties" and wrap an empty box to take her picture for our Christmas cards!
(this is the one I am including in our Christmas cards!)
(here is a better look at the back of the bloomers)

I did NOT drink coffee rather late the other night causing Adlie to stay up extra late!

I am NOT continually peeking out the window for the first sight of snow!

I am NOT super mad at our mortgage company for STILL withholding our escrow amount! We are hoping to hear from them later today about that... oh and while I am mad I am also MAD at the IRS for taking FOREVER to get our amended return finished! * 9 weeks in off season is amazing they said it could take 16 weeks!!! Seriously 16 weeks!!!

I did NOT finish making Adlie's Birthday Invitations and I will NOT be showing you all in a later post * which will be full of questions and Ideas for her party!

I cannot believe my baby girl will be 1 in 20 days! It is so unreal how fast this year has gone....

Well there you have it Y'all!


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  1. what a cute diaper cover! I love your site and congrats on almost surviving the first year! I am actually (attempting to) start a party planning bussiness because i LOVE birthday parties! I will be sure to check back and see how your planning is going and offer my two cents if I can! enjoy the process