Friday, November 6, 2009


I feel like a bad blogger lately. I have not been posting as much because I am busy and we are dealing with some family things. I just ask you to pray hard for my in laws and will leave it at that. I have been making tons of bows and I am at a point where I am done for a while. (I love making bows but I have been making so many I need a break and a new hobby!)

I put our Christmas tree up and right now it has 2 strings of lights on it and that is all! It isn't even shaped! My living room looks like a tiny hurricane went through it(her name is Adlie btw).
Adlie is doing some modeling for an online boutique.... Matt is working a lot! It is just busy. Right now Adlie is sleeping in her car seat after a run to Best Buy and to Hobby Lobby. I will get her up in a few minutes I just needed to have a few moments to myself. I guess the cats may wake Adlie up before I get to they are running all over the place.

My heart is heavy over things going on with the family but I cannot do any thing and I really wish I felt ok enough to just let it all out here on my blog but there is so much that just is so hard to say let alone put in to words on the Internet to tell people I only call my dear bloggy friends. I am very thankful for a wonderful husband and I just hope his family will get things straight with God and the rest of the family.

Well Thanks for reading my ramblings. I hear a little girl who is due for some mama cuddling
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Praying for you and your family! Hang in there!

    I am dying to put up our christmas tree!!

  2. Yes, I will pray for your family and you. May God Bless.