Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MckLinky BlogHop - Question?

Ok This should be easy I have a few questions. Adlie is 46ish days away from being a year old. Yes you saw that right 46 days ! So my first question is... What was/is your kids favorite toy at that age? What do/did you buy them for their first birthday?

And 2 days before our little lady turns 1 it will be her very first Christmas! I am so excited to start making memories in our new home with our little girl! So at this age did you do stockings for your little ones? If so what did you put in it ?We are not doing candy. I am thinking about getting her some cute clips and bows to go in hers but after that I am clueless. I know family will be starting to ask what she needs/wants for Christmas and really im not sure! Matt and I are getting her some clothes and a few big toys and then a few small toys but what should we tell family she needs. wants?
Also what are your fun traditions you do as a family on Christmas day? I think we are going to do family pajamas... we will get some that match and open them Christmas eve and wear them that night to open our presents in for cute pictures and I will make a big breakfast to enjoy while we open gifts then pack up the car for a 2 1/2 hour drive to my moms.
Ok well that was alot of questions feel free to pick and choose what you answer!

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  1. Oh the 1st Birthday! Daisy got the My Pal Violet for her birthday and we (Daisy & I) really love it. You can program it to say her name and it sings songs with her name in it. It also play night time music and whenever I turn it on Daisy knows it's time for bed and she sticks her thumb in her mouth and lays her head on my shoulder. She also got a fun blender that is made by Vtech. It has a shape sorter and teaches colors and fruits and plays fun songs.
    It's hard to put things in christmas socks at this age. A lot of things that would fit are choking hazards. A toothbrush, socks, jars of babyfood?

  2. Ahhh... Firsts.. first birthdays, first Christmases... how sweet and how fast they grow! Your little one is adorable.

    Ours are 26, 23, and 19...with our oldest recently married (actually, it's coming up on her first anniversary!) ...we are looking forward to our future grandbabies :o)

    Let's see... a tradition for our family is the Christmas pose by the tree :o) For Easter, we have a traditional scavenger hunt for their easter prize or basket. I started them out with easy picture clues, and then progressed as they got older to simple one word clues, to simple sentences, to more complicated number codes and riddles and looking up bible verses for their clues, etc.. Then when they were old enough, they made clues for each others' hunt.

    First birthdays in Hawaii are huge events. My hubby is from Hawaii. We always let them pick a place for a birthday dinner. A great idea which I have seen, (& which I wish we had done) would be to take a photo of them in a same chair... it would be fun to see how big they got each year, in comparison to the same prop, like a chair.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Please feel free to come by and if you do, please leave a comment so I know that you were there :o)