Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Product reviews

I have a friend who sometimes blogs about new products she tells you a little about them and if she liked them or not. So i found a few that i would like to "review".

Banana nut Cheerios! I love banana flavored any thing and man oh man do I love this cereal. It tastes like banana and the best part is the flavor is all natural! mmmm!

Bliss chocolate! OK I know its not new really but I am a big fan of dove chocolate and one day I couldn't find it in a bag so I tried the bliss chocolate and i find it to be the closest to dove! So i like it.

Mini Ben and Jerry's Ice cream! I LOVE Ben and Jerry's Ice cream but it can be to much and can be expensive. So now the stores are carrying 200 calorie servings. So you get your Ben and Jerry's fix with less money!

Hot pockets quesadilla. Like most hot pockets this is just OK. I got the chicken fajita flavor. The directions say to put it in the microwave for 3 min then let cool for 2 min. I did just that and the crust is hard and has no flavor and the filling is cold. So it would be a disappointment.

Yoplait yogurt Blackberry pomegranate! So so good!

Acer Netbook. Great little pc. Price is good for what you get. Though it works slower than you expect it to and the mouse on the unit is awkward. But if you are willing to learn it can work well for you.

Ok this is what I have tried lately. If you have any things you tried and liked or hated let me know I would love to hear what you think!

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