Friday, March 5, 2010

Show us your life- Whats your day like?!

Its Friday! and that means its time for Show us your life over at Kelly's blog! Head over to her blog and read more Show us your life posts!

Our day starts any where between 10am-11am. Adlie and I wake up and we grab some breakfast. Some of her favorites are hard boiled eggs with cereal, Toast or a biscuit with apple butter and scrambled eggs, Oatmeal, Blueberry pancakes and some mornings she just wants a cereal bar. She then gets cleaned up and goes to play in the the living room while I pick up the kitchen.

We then play and watch a dvd while we play ( she loves Mickey Mouse Club house). By this time our living room is destroyed! Adlie loves to empty her toys all over the floor so she can sit in the toy box. Then its lunch time. Her favorite lunch is Fish sticks with peas, grapes, and crackers. She gets cleaned up then we get ready for a nap. Adlie naps for 2 to 2.5 hours on a good day. Some days its a real fight to get her to nap .

While Adlie is napping I do some cleaning. I clean one side of the house and the kitchen and living room every day. One side of the house is the Master bedroom/bathroom and dining room the other side of the house is Adlie's room, our office, Matt's video game room and the hall bathroom... Adlie doesn't sleep in her room and her room stays relatively clean she does play in there because her doll house is in there.After the cleaning I try to sneak in to the shower before Adlie wakes up.

After her nap its playing again. Adlie at this point plays pretty well independently so she plays while I work on dinner. Adlie will eat anything we eat for dinner. After dinner it is time for a bath because we let her feed her self.(she makes a huge mess but she is happier feeding her self). Adlie likes to take a long bath with the washing part right at the beginning and then she likes to play for about 15 minutes. ( Matt and I split this job every other day)

After her bath we get her in her jammies, snuggle up with her and read a book. then she gets her sippy cup and is put in bed with Violet play music. She is asleep before she goes off (10 minutes)
Once Adlie is asleep it is time for me to clean up again. Then I either work on making bows or blog or just watch a movie or play a video game... (Matt and I normally go to bed a few hours later.

That is our day. Filled with lots of playing and cleaning oh the joys of being a mommy of a 14 month old!


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  1. Sounds like good days to me! You know, when I only had Lily we would wake up around 10am. Now I can't get any of them to sleep past 7am! what's the deal?