Monday, March 22, 2010

Our trip to my moms house...

We left Friday morning to spend some time with my family. My mom and my older sister Brandy came down to pick us up. We drove the 2 and a half hours to Plymouth. We ordered some pizza and ran to see my younger sister Darci and so my older sister Brandy could pick up her little guy Maddux. My mom and I ran home and ate dinner really quick and off we went to watch the high school musical where my youngest sister Danielle was in the pit play her trumpet. ( the musical was Hello Dolly and we had to leave just after the half because 1 it was beyond hot and we had Adlie stripped down and she was still mad and 2 she was getting sleepy) (the red arrow is Danielle and SHHHHHHH i am not suppose to take any pictures at the show!!!!!)

Saturday we just hung out at my moms while she was at work. We stayed in our jammies for most of the day! When my mom got home we dressed and went to dinner. It was yummy!! After dinner we went to Walmart to get my nephew Braxten's birthday gifts. Adlie and I got him clothes ( I like to give gifts that they can use). My mom and Fred him a basket ball hoop,a is fishing pole and an rc car...

Sunday we headed off to get my mom's nails done and then to sisters house for Braxten's birthday party. It was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!! Adlie loves him and did pretty well playing. (I am the worst Aunt ever! I forgot my camera at my moms house so I don't have pictures of his party!!!!)

I worked inventory at my mom's work Tuesday and left Adlie with Darci ( this is the first time I left her to be watched by someone else!) We were gone for about 2 hours. I did lots of cooking and baking and spending time with my sisters the rest of the week.

Here are some pictures from the last week!

Little miss Mieka...
Adlie playing in the toybox at Grammy's house.

Adlie and Mieka.
Braxten ate chalk...

Then brushed his teeth!
Adlie at the fabric store... *note the pacifier!!! AACK!!! She is cutting her 1 year molars and finds comfort in this darn thing...*

Adlie being cute (she has key lime yogurt on her lip!)

Aunt Danielle and Adlie playing with Adlie's new ball!

We had a great time and will be back very soon!


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