Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Mugs - Celebrate

Well it has been a LONG time. But what a good way to try to jump back in with an easy post like Monday Mugs! for more head over to Heather's Blog and enjoy! Here is our 4th of July

Alastor @6months old

Adlie @2 1/2

Adlie's first time with sparklers! We took both kids down to the fireworks and Alastor LOVED them but Adlie well she HATED them.


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  1. Adlie was afraid but Alastor loved them? That is funny! I think Daisy would have been scared to death, but we watched the fireworks from inside so the BOOMS were greatly muffled!

    It is so great to see/hear from you and I feel very priveleged that you came back for Monday Mugs!!