Thursday, May 27, 2010

sick... which leads to no good blog posts....

So I am lazy and am just going to leave the pictures like this haha...

I have been feeling yucky lately which lends its self to no pictures (few) and letting my house go to well lets just say its a MESS! I am slowly working on wholesale orders of my bows still. Adlie is 17 months old today!!!! She is just getting so big! I will do a quick update of her...

She is in size 4 diapers.

12-18 month clothes

she is wearing size 4 wide shoes...(when she is not chewing on them)

she has 14 teeth (she got her top 2 eye teeth in)

She eats anything and everything (I even let her have a few bites of Ben and Jerrys Chunky Monkey!)

She is really starting to get hair it curls in the back when she is hot.

She loves wearing clothes and will biring stuff out for us to put on her.

She loves wearing my shoes (which is so cute she also wears matts sometimes so funny!)

She is talking alot some of her new words are pretty ,water, down, dog, thank you, Whats that.... and so many more its crazy how much she is talking.

She loves milk and would rather drink that than any thing else

She LOVES ice

She loves balls and has so many of them and cries when we dont get her new ones when we are out.

She loves fried okra

She is just getting so big!

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  1. Those flip flops look delicious! Silly Adlie!
    Sorry you've been feelin' yucky! Hope you're on the mend!
    Sorry it took me a while to visit! I had one CRAZY busy week!!